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Command line website scraper

Project description

webgrep is a simple tool for scraping websites from the command line

Setup: > sudo easy_install webgrep

Example: Finding number of ratings for a book on goodreads

Find the location of the ‘Ratings’ in the html by using the -g option: > -g ‘Ratings’ -u “” match,location “267,896 Ratings”,” 1,3,1,3,5,3,7,1,3,5,14,1,0”

Now use that location value (” 1,3,1,3,5,3,7,1,3,5,14,1,0”) as the -l argument to look in the same location on a different page > -l “ 1,3,1,3,5,3,7,1,3,5,14,1,0” -u “” “778,683 Ratings”

Example: Using “-” in a location value as a wildcard. Want to find all imdb titles on a page

> -g Shawshank -u “,&release_date=1990,&sort=user_rating,desc&title_type=feature” match,location The Shawshank Redemption,” 1,3,3,1,14,12,3,5,3,5,3,0”

> -g “The Dark Knight” -u “,&release_date=1990,&sort=user_rating,desc&title_type=feature” match,location The Dark Knight,” 1,3,3,1,14,12,3,5,5,5,3,0” The Dark Knight Rises,” 1,3,3,1,14,12,3,5,69,5,3,0”

> -l “ 1,3,3,1,14,12,3,5,-,5,3,0” -u “,&release_date=1990,&sort=user_rating,desc&title_type=feature” The Shawshank Redemption The Dark Knight Schindler’s List Pulp Fiction The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King …

Common errors: Quote the -u argument in bash or else ‘&’ may be read as running the process in the background instead of part of the url

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