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Webotron 20 is a tool to deploy static website to AWS.

Project description

Automating AWS with Python

Repository for the A Cloud Guru course Automating AWS with Python


Webotron is a script that will sync a local directory to an s3 bucket, and optionally configure Route 53 and cloudfront as well.


Webotron currently has the following features:

  • List bucket
  • List contents of a bucket
  • Create and set up bucket
  • Sync directory tree to bucket
  • Set AWS profile with --profile=<profile_name>
  • Configure route 53 domain
  • Configure Cloud Front distribution with SSL

##Installation pip install webotron-20

##Using webotron-20

  • Setup AWS profile. .AWS/config

  • Use profile to use/access AWS resources.

  • PS C:\Users\Rishu> webotron Usage: webotron [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

    Webotron deploys websites to AWS.

    Options: --profile TEXT Use a given AWS profile. --help Show this message and exit.

    Commands: find-cert Find a certificate for given domain. list-bucket-objects List objects in s3 bucket. list-buckets List all s3 buckets. setup-bucket Create and configure s3 bucket for Static Website... setup-cdn To Setup a cloud frot for given domain and bucket. setup-domain Configure DOMAIN to point to BUCKET. sync Sync contents from Path to Bucket.

    • Examples PS C:\Users\Rishu> webotron --profile=pythonAutomation list-buckets s3.Bucket(name='') PS C:\Users\Rishu> webotron --profile=pythonAutomation list-bucket-objects s3.ObjectSummary(bucket_name='', key='css/main.css') s3.ObjectSummary(bucket_name='', key='images/Balinese-kitten1.jpg') s3.ObjectSummary(bucket_name='', key='images/Maine_coon_kitten_roarie.jpg') s3.ObjectSummary(bucket_name='', key='images/SFSPCA_Kitten.jpg') s3.ObjectSummary(bucket_name='', key='index.html')

      PS C:\Users\Rishu> webotron --profile=pythonAutomation sync "D:\Tech\Automate AWS with Python\code\automating-aws-with-python\01-webotron\kitten_web" File has been successfully added : css/main.css File has been successfully added : images/Balinese-kitten1.jpg File has been successfully added : images/Maine_coon_kitten_roarie.jpg File has been successfully added : images/SFSPCA_Kitten.jpg File has been successfully added : index.html File has been successfully deleted : File has been successfully deleted : File has been successfully deleted : File has been successfully deleted : File has been successfully deleted : File has been successfully deleted : File has been successfully deleted : Sync is successful. Your bucket URL is:

      PS C:\Users\Rishu> webotron --profile=pythonAutomation find-cert {'CertificateArn': 'arn:aws:acm:us-east-1:637555073356:certificate/56b961ea-f789-42a1-97fa-8328ccaa4a77', 'DomainName': ''}

      PS C:\Users\Rishu> webotron --profile=pythonAutomation setup-cdn Distribution already exists. Creating Alias Record. Domain configured: PS C:\Users\Rishu>

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