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Web-based WOL packet generator

Project description

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# webwol: Generate wake-on-lan packets via a web interface

This script provides one-touch wake-on-lan packet generation from a web interface.
There's not much to it. The only thing it depends on is Python (2.6+).

# How To Use

This script has intentionally attempted to minimize dependencies. It should run
anywhere that has python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, or 3.5 installed.

## Install It

Get the code somehow:

* [Download the latest release](
* Clone this repository
* [Download a debian package](
* Install it with something like `dpkg -i python-webwol*.deb`
* Copy and paste it from this repo
* pip install it
* Transcribe it by hand??

## Configure It

Here's the magic bit. Write down the MAC addresses you want to send wake-on-lan
packets to. Give those puppies a name, too, cause why not? Do it like this:

"deadbeef-dad": "de:ad:be:ef:da:dd",
"mr-counter": "12:34:56:78:90:ef"

If you don't know the MAC address you want, try lookin' up how to do it on the
[internet]( There's
another example about how to write this file [in this repo](

Save all them juicy bits in a file somewhere on the computer that webwol's gonna
run on. You could put it in a place like `/etc/webwol.json` if you want. Or your
homedir. I won't judge.

## Run It

`python` from the place where you downloaded the code. Or if you
installed from a debian package, it's probably in your path, so try just ``?

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