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A comprehensive, realiable API client for weheartit.

Project description


A fast, reliable API client for WeHeartIt.



weheartpy is an unofficial API client for weheartit

WeHeartIt does not have an API. So I have to make use of BeautifulSoup and requests to do my job. The speed is optimal, it has a limitation on number of results you can retreive through one search but its functional.


  • requires Python 10.4 or above.
  • read the requirements here

you can easily install the packages using pip


pip install weheartpy


pip install git+


with weheartpy, you can search for:

  • posts aka entries
  • collections (including images inside them)
  • users
  • popular entries

I'm adding more functionalities and utilities later on, but this is all we got for now.


this is the most basic usage of the weheartpy module.

# import the main class
from weheartpy import WeHeartIt

whi = WeHeartIt() # create an instance of WeHeartIt

entries = whi.popular() # returns a list of recent popular images from homepage.

for entry in entries:
  • parameters - None

  • returns - List[Entry] a list of Entry objects which help you access the entries easier.

  • errors - ConnectionError

Posts / Entries

search for entries.

entries = whi.search_entries("mean girls", sort="most_popular")
# returns a list of entries relevant to your query.

for entry in entries:
	print(entry.username, entry.image, entry.url)
  • parameters - query - your search query

  • returns - List[Entry] a list of Entry objects which help you access the entries easier.

  • errors - ConnectionError


# return a list of `Collection` objects resulting from the query.

from weheartpy import WeHeartIt

whi = WeHeartIt()

cocs = whi.search_collections("anime pfp")
for c in cocs:
    collection = c.get_full_collection()
    print(collection.images, collection.description)
  • parameters - query aka the search term
  • returns - List[Collection] Check out the documentation to see what else you can do with Collection objects.
  • errors - NoCollectionsFound


  • check out the documentation for more usages.
  • If you'd like to add something or fix mistakes, feel free to open an issue or a pull request.


  • more utilities might come later, depending on need and interest.
  • feel free to fork, pull, and open issues!
  • currently on v0.2


  • Since this makeshift API client relies on the websites elements to remain unchanged, expect this package to break easily someday. useragent will be supported soon.
  • This package, code or software is made for educational purposes and does not intend to break any ToS of The creator/maintainer of this package will not be responsible for any actions done using the code. Use with your own caution and volition.

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