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Simple bot wrapper of selenium basic functions

Project description


Simple bot wrapper of selenium basic functions

Sample code:

import wenbot

bot = wenbot.Bot()[
    ('open', ''),
    ('text', 'input[name=q]', 'pip wenbot', 'clear, enter'),
input('enter to stop browser')

Optional Proxy Support

Requires browsermob-proxy binary, see Requires java to run browsermob-proxy binary. Default browsermob-proxy binary path is set in wenbot.browsermob_proxy_bin. Requires pypi package browsermobproxy, install pip install browsermob-proxy.

Sample Setup

java --version  # make sure java works
pip install browsermob-proxy

Support https Sites

User needs install certification file manually to access https sites properly. See browsermob document here.

Steps in macos:

  • download cert file
  • Open keychain (or this also opens keychan: Chrome menu: Settings > Privacy and security > Security > Manage certificates)
  • Keychain menu: File > Import items > import 'ca-certificate-rsa.cer'
  • It's listed under 'certificates' as 'LittleProxy MITM' but not trusted
  • right click menu > Get info > expand 'Trust' > "When using this certificate" = "Always Trust"
  • Remember delete this item after testing is done.

Sample Code

import json
import pydash
import wenbot

bot = wenbot.Bot(proxy=True)
input('enter to print log and stop browser')
# Chrome window shows up.
# After open webpage and operations
har = bot.proxy.har  # this is a property that pulls data from server
# bot.proxy is a browsermobproxy.client.Client object
# see
# har is recorded log
with open('/tmp/har.json', 'wt') as f:
    print(json.dumps(har, indent=4, default=str), file=f)

for entry in pydash.get(har, 'log.entries') or []:
    print(pydash.get(entry, "request.url"))
    print(f'    method={pydash.get(entry, "request.method")}')
    print('    Headers')
    for header in pydash.get(entry, 'request.headers') or []:
        print(f'        {header["name"]}: {header["value"]}')
    print(f'    status={pydash.get(entry, "response.status")}')

Try sample code and open /tmp/har.json see what's HAR structure.

Use bot.proxy.new_har() to record new HAR data.

Default only record headers, not content or binary content (in brosermob-proxy terms).

To specify different options: eg.

    'captureHeaders': True,
    'captureContent': True,
    'captureBinaryContent': False,

Change History

  • 0.0.9 2021-10-31 update doc for https sites with browsermobproxy and update dependency for bs4
  • 0.0.8 2021-08-19 add sample code
  • 0.0.7 2021-07-14 bugfix
  • 0.0.6 2021-07-14 replace print with log
  • 0.0.5 2021-07-14 Bumps urllib3 from 1.26.4 to 1.26.5

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