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A simple non professional Dockerfile linter

Project description

# whale-linter

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**whale-linter** is a cross-platform *Dockerfile* linter.

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## Installation

#### Tested on

* Python 3.2, 3.4, 3.5
* Debian wheezy, jessie, stretch

### Docker : The cool way :)

**Note** : You should use a specific tag (like `jeromepin/whale-linter:0.0.4`) instead of (implicit) *latest*

docker run -it --rm -v /path/to/Dockerfile:/Dockerfile jeromepin/whale-linter

### PyPI : The easy way

pip install whale-linter

and to upgrade :

pip install --upgrade whale-linter

## Usage

usage: whale-linter [-h] [-i RULE] [-v] DOCKERFILE

A simple non professional Dockerfile linter

positional arguments:
DOCKERFILE The Dockerfile to lint

optional arguments:
-h, --help Show this help message and exit
-i, --ignore RULE Rule to ignore
-v, --version Print version

## Rules

Here is the list of all rules checked by **whale-linter**.

Do not hesitate to [create a new issue]( if you have an idea for a new/incomplete rule.

Rules are ordered as follows :

* *WL1xxx* : Critical errors

* *WL2xxx* : Bad practices

* *WL3xxx* : Enhancements

| Rule | Corresponding message (as template given in config.json) |
| ------ | ----------- |
| [WL1000]( | '{token}' is mandatory |
| [WL1001]( | '{token}' must be present only once |
| [WL2000]( | A tag should be specified for the '{image}' image |
| [WL2001]( | Using the 'latest' tag isn't wise, as it won't always be a reference to the same version |
| [WL2002]( | Use 'WORKDIR' to change directory |
| [WL2003]( | Some shell commands like '{command}' are pointless in containers |
| [WL2004]( | 'WORKDIR' path should be absolute |
| [WL2005]( | 'EXPOSE' port ({port}) must be in 1-65535 range |
| [WL2006]( | Prefer 'COPY' over 'ADD' for adding files and directories to a container. 'ADD' sounds to much magic |
| [WL2007]( | Be careful changing to root user |
| [WL2008]( | Avoid running 'apt-get upgrade' in container. Move to a newer image instead |
| [WL2009]( | Missing '--no-install-recommends' in your '{command}' command |
| [WL2010]( | Missing '-y' in your '{command}' command |
| [WL2011]( | Avoid running 'apt-get dist-upgrade' in container. Move to a newer image instead |
| [WL2012]( | There is two consecutive 'RUN'. Consider chaining them with '\' and '&&' |
| [WL3000]( | Consider removing APT cache : 'rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*' |
| [WL3001]( | Using '{token}' is recommended |
| [WL3002]( | Consider sorting APT packages for better reading |
| [WL3003]( | A version should be specified for the package '{package}' in order to improve immutability |

## Author

Jerome Pin ([@jerome_pin]( <<>>

## Licence

MIT. See [LICENCE]( file.

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