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Utility for a generation of memes

Project description


  • a generation of memes (in PNG format);

  • a support of plain and graphic backgrounds;

  • a specification of a text rectangle;

  • a support of horizontal and vertical text alignments;

  • a read of memes texts from a file (each text is separated from another by a double newline);

  • a support single-line and multiline memes texts;

  • a protection against duplicate memes texts;

  • a support of a watermark (it’s optional);

  • meme settings:

    • background:

      • color;

      • width;

      • height;

      • image (it supports same formats as Pillow library);

    • text:

      • font (it supports only TrueType fonts);

      • size;

      • color;

      • left;

      • rigth;

      • top;

      • bottom;

      • horizontal alignment;

      • vertical alignment;

    • watermark:

      • font (it always uses the text font);

      • text;

      • size;

      • color.


$ pip install white-generator


$ white-generator -v | --version
$ white-generator -h | --help
$ white-generator [options] (-f FONT_FILE | --font-file FONT_FILE) (-i INPUT_FILE | --input-file INPUT_FILE) (-o OUTPUT_PATH | --output-path OUTPUT_PATH)


  • -v, --version — show the version message and exit;

  • -h, --help — show this help message and exit;

  • -i INPUT_FILE, --input-file INPUT_FILE — the path to the file with notes;

  • -o OUTPUT_PATH, --output-path OUTPUT_PATH — the path for generated images;

  • -l TEXT_LEFT, --text-left TEXT_LEFT — the left text position (default: 0);

  • -t TEXT_TOP, --text-top TEXT_TOP — the top text position (default: 0);

  • -R TEXT_RIGHT, --text-right TEXT_RIGHT — the horizontal text limit (-1 for a background width use; default: -1);

  • -B TEXT_BOTTOM, --text-bottom TEXT_BOTTOM — the vertical text limit (-1 for a background height use; default: -1);

  • -a {left,center,right}, --text-horizontal-align {left,center,right} — the text horizontal alignment (default: center);

  • -A {top,center,bottom}, --text-vertical-align {top,center,bottom} — the text vertical alignment (default: center);

  • -W IMAGE_WIDTH, --image-width IMAGE_WIDTH — the image width (default: 640);

  • -H IMAGE_HEIGHT, --image-height IMAGE_HEIGHT — the image height (default: 480);

  • -b IMAGE_BACKGROUND_COLOR, --image-background-color IMAGE_BACKGROUND_COLOR — the image background color (default: #ffffff);

  • -I IMAGE_BACKGROUND_IMAGE, --image-background-image IMAGE_BACKGROUND_IMAGE — the path to the background image (default: none);

  • -f FONT_FILE, --font-file FONT_FILE — the path to the font file;

  • -s FONT_SIZE, --font-size FONT_SIZE — the font size (default: 25);

  • -c FONT_COLOR, --font-color FONT_COLOR — the font color (default: #000000);

  • -w WATERMARK_TEXT, --watermark-text WATERMARK_TEXT — the watermark text (empty for disable; default: empty);

  • -S WATERMARK_SIZE, --watermark-size WATERMARK_SIZE — the watermark font size (default: 12);

  • -C WATERMARK_COLOR, --watermark-color WATERMARK_COLOR — the watermark font color (default: #808080);

  • -d DATABASE_FILE, --database-file DATABASE_FILE — the path to the database file (default: notes.db).

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