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Document whitening (foreground separation)

Project description

Document whitening (foreground separation)

This package tries to separate text/line foreground and background by 2D median filter.

original foreground background


Install from PyPI. Works on Python 3.

pip install whitening

Example usage

Python API

It works with images represented as PIL.Image or as a numpy array. Images can be either RGB or grayscale.

import numpy as np
import PIL.Image

from whitening import whiten

# possible to use numpy array as input/output
image = np.asarray('image.jpg'), dtype='uint8')
foreground, background = whiten(image, kernel_size=20, downsample=4)
PIL.Image.fromarray(foreground).save('foreground.jpg', 'jpeg')

# or directly a PIL image
image ='image.jpg')
foreground, background = whiten(image, kernel_size=20, downsample=4)'foreground.jpg', 'jpeg')


It install an entry point called whiten.

# help
$ whiten -h

# whiten an image and save the foreground output
$ whiten input.jpg foreground.jpg

# specify the kernel size
$ whiten input.jpg foreground.jpg -k 100

# work in grayscale instead of RGB (3x faster)
$ whiten input.jpg foreground.jpg -g

# downsample the image 4x (faster, but a bit less precise)
$ whiten input.jpg foreground.jpg -d 4

# save also the background
$ whiten input.jpg foreground.jpg -b background.jpg

We assume the original images is a product of foreground and background, thus we can recover the foreground by dividing the image by the background: I = F * B => F = I / B. We try to approximate the background by 2D median filtering the original image which suppresses sparse features such as text and lines.

Select kernel size that's enough for not making artifacts while small enough to keep computation fast. A good starting point is 50 pixels.

A 9.5 Mpx image can be processed on a MacBook in 15 s, with grayscale and downsampling 4x the run time can be reduced to 1 s! Quite good results can be obtained even with kernel size 10 and downsampling 16x.

More info:


See the Makefile for various development tasks.


Author: Bohumír Zámečník

Supported by Rossum, creating a world without manual data entry.

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