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A parser for wikipedia citation templates

Project description

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This Python library wraps Wikipedia's citation processing code (written in Lua) to parse citation templates. For instance, there are many different ways to specify the authors of a citation: this codes maps all of them to the same representation.

This is the underlying code of our "OAbot" (GitHub).

Distributed under the MIT license.

Builds on these Python libraries:

  • lupa
  • mwparserfromhell
  • mwxml
  • mwtypes

To install lupa from, you will need libpython and liblua (libpython-dev and liblua5.2-dev on Debian-base Linux systems).

Install this package with pip (eg, in a virtual environment):

pip install wikiciteparser


Let's parse the reference section of this article:

import mwparserfromhell
from wikiciteparser.parser import parse_citation_template

mwtext = """
 * {{Citation | last1=Lambek | first1=Joachim | author1-link=Joachim Lambek | last2=Moser | first2=L. | title=Inverse and Complementary Sequences of Natural Numbers| doi=10.2307/2308078 | mr=0062777  | journal=[[American Mathematical Monthly|The American Mathematical Monthly]] | issn=0002-9890 | volume=61 | issue=7 | pages=454–458 | year=1954 | jstor=2308078 | publisher=The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 61, No. 7}}
 * {{Citation | last1=Lambek | first1=J. | author1-link=Joachim Lambek | title=The Mathematics of Sentence Structure | year=1958 | journal=[[American Mathematical Monthly|The American Mathematical Monthly]] | issn=0002-9890 | volume=65 | pages=154–170 | doi=10.2307/2310058 | issue=3 | publisher=The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 65, No. 3 | jstor=1480361}}
 *{{Citation | last1=Lambek | first1=Joachim | author1-link=Joachim Lambek | title=Bicommutators of nice injectives | doi=10.1016/0021-8693(72)90034-8 | mr=0301052  | year=1972 | journal=Journal of Algebra | issn=0021-8693 | volume=21 | pages=60–73}}
 *{{Citation | last1=Lambek | first1=Joachim | author1-link=Joachim Lambek | title=Localization and completion | doi=10.1016/0022-4049(72)90011-4 | mr=0320047  | year=1972 | journal=Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra | issn=0022-4049 | volume=2 | pages=343–370 | issue=4}}
 *{{Citation | last1=Lambek | first1=Joachim | author1-link=Joachim Lambek | title=A mathematician looks at Latin conjugation | mr=589163  | year=1979 | journal=Theoretical Linguistics | issn=0301-4428 | volume=6 | issue=2 | pages=221–234 | doi=10.1515/thli.1979.6.1-3.221}}

wikicode = mwparserfromhell.parse(mwtext)
for tpl in wikicode.filter_templates():
   parsed = parse_citation_template(tpl)

Here is what you get:

{'PublisherName': 'The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 61, No. 7', 'Title': 'Inverse and Complementary Sequences of Natural Numbers', 'ID_list': {'DOI': '10.2307/2308078', 'ISSN': '0002-9890', 'MR': '0062777', 'JSTOR': '2308078'}, 'Periodical': 'The American Mathematical Monthly', 'Authors': [{'link': 'Joachim Lambek', 'last': 'Lambek', 'first': 'Joachim'}, {'last': 'Moser', 'first': 'L.'}], 'Date': '1954', 'Pages': '454-458'}
{'PublisherName': 'The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 65, No. 3', 'Title': 'The Mathematics of Sentence Structure', 'ID_list': {'DOI': '10.2307/2310058', 'ISSN': '0002-9890', 'JSTOR': '1480361'}, 'Periodical': 'The American Mathematical Monthly', 'Authors': [{'link': 'Joachim Lambek', 'last': 'Lambek', 'first': 'J.'}], 'Date': '1958', 'Pages': '154-170'}
{'Title': 'Bicommutators of nice injectives', 'ID_list': {'DOI': '10.1016/0021-8693(72)90034-8', 'ISSN': '0021-8693', 'MR': '0301052'}, 'Periodical': 'Journal of Algebra', 'Authors': [{'link': 'Joachim Lambek', 'last': 'Lambek', 'first': 'Joachim'}], 'Date': '1972', 'Pages': '60-73'}
{'Title': 'Localization and completion', 'ID_list': {'DOI': '10.1016/0022-4049(72)90011-4', 'ISSN': '0022-4049', 'MR': '0320047'}, 'Periodical': 'Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra', 'Authors': [{'link': 'Joachim Lambek', 'last': 'Lambek', 'first': 'Joachim'}], 'Date': '1972', 'Pages': '343-370'}
{'Title': 'A mathematician looks at Latin conjugation', 'ID_list': {'DOI': '10.1515/thli.1979.6.1-3.221', 'ISSN': '0301-4428', 'MR': '589163'}, 'Periodical': 'Theoretical Linguistics', 'Authors': [{'link': 'Joachim Lambek', 'last': 'Lambek', 'first': 'Joachim'}], 'Date': '1979', 'Pages': '221-234'}

Bulk Processing

There is also a bulk processing mode that can work with bulk XML files from

With wikiciteparser installed (or in the current python path), run a UNIX shell command like:

python3 -m wikiciteparser.bulk enwiki-20210801-pages-articles1.xml-p1p41242.bz2 | pv -l | gzip > enwiki-20210801-pages-articles1.xml-p1p41242.citations.json.gz

GNU/parallel can be used to run process many files concurrently on a single computer.

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