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A generalized data labeling system for use in MediaWiki wikis

Project description

# Wiki Labels
This package provides the components of a generalized labeling service for
MediaWiki. There are two primary components, a user script to be used on
MediaWiki and a flask server for the gadget to converse with.

## Server
The flask server is intended to be hosted by a web server, but a dev server can
be started locally with

wikilabels dev_server

### Installation

#### Dependencies
Installation will require some additional packages to be available.

`sudo apt-get install postgresql-server-dev-all postgresql libffi-dev npm g++ python3-dev libmemcached-dev`

#### Database setup
You'll need to create a `wikilabels` user and database. Here's a sequence of
commands that works on a fresh install of postgres (note that `sudo` rights
will be required).

Create a wikilabels user

$ sudo useradd wikilabels

Switch to `postgres` user to run commands

$ sudo su postgres
$ psql
postgres=# CREATE USER wikilabels WITH PASSWORD 'something secure';
postgres=# CREATE DATABASE wikilabels;
postgres=# GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE wikilabels to wikilabels;
postgres=# \q
$ exit

Switch to `wikilabels` user to load schema

$ sudo su wikilabels
$ psql

Copy-paste config/schema.sql into the command prompt.

Optionally, you can also load sample data into the database by copy-pasting config/schema-testdata.sql into the command prompt

### Starting the dev server

$ wikilabels dev_server --config config-localdev.yaml

## Gadget

1. Go to one of the js subpages of your user page. You can choose a page such as these:
* [meta:User:`<Name>`/global.js](, which will be loaded in all wikis, in all skins
* [meta:User:`<Name>`/common.js](, which will be loaded only on Meta-wiki, in all skins
* [meta:User:`<Name>`/vector.js](, which will be loaded only on Meta-wiki, in the vector skin
2. Copy the following to the page you have chosen:

// [[File:User:EpochFail/WikiLabels.js]] (workaround for [[phab:T35355]])
mw.loader.load( '//' );

3. Clear the cache of your browser.

This will import a live copy of the javascript.

## See also
* [meta:Wiki labels]( labels)

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