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A multiprocessing web-scraping application to scrape wiki pages and find minimum number of links between two given wiki pages.

Project description

wikilink is a multiprocessing web-scraping application to scrape the wiki pages, extract urls and find the minimum number of links between 2 given wiki pages.

I discussed brief the motivation and an overview of the project in my blog.

The project is currently at version v0.3.0.post1, also see change log for more details on release history.

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Table of contents

  1. Usage
  2. Contribution
  3. License


Install with pip

$ pip install wikilink

Database support

wikilink currently supports Mysql and PostgreSQL


setup_db(db, username, password, ip="", port=3306): set up database

	db(str): Database engine, currently support "mysql" and "postgresql"
	name(str): database username
	password(str): database password
	ip(str): IP address of database (Default = "")
	port(str): port that databse is running on (default=3306)

min_link(source, destination, limit=6, multiprocessing=False): find minimum number of link from source url to destination url within limit 

	source(str): source wiki url, i.e. ""
	destination(str): Destination wiki url, i.e. ""
	limit(int): max number of links from the source that will be considered (default=6)
	multiprocessing(boolean): enable/disable multiprocessing mode (default=False)

	(int) minimum number of sepration between source and destination urls
	return None and print messages if exceeding limits or no path found

	DisconnectionError: error connecting to DB


>>> from wikilink import WikiLink
>>> app = WikiLink()
>>> app.setup_db("mysql", "root", "12345", "", "3306")
>>> source = ""
>>> destination = ""
>>> app.min_link(source, destination, 6)

Contribution Open Source Helpers

How to contribute

Please follow our contribution convention at contribution instructions and code of conduct.

To set up development environment, simply run:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Please check out the issue file for list of issues that required helps.


Feel free to add your name into the list of contributors. You will automatically be inducted into Hall of Fame as a way to show my appreciation for your contributions.

Hall of Fame


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (Apache License 2.0).

Project details

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wikilink-0.3.0.post1.tar.gz (18.4 kB view hashes)

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wikilink-0.3.0.post1-py3-none-any.whl (16.9 kB view hashes)

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