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Provide templated views with schema settings associated with them.

Project description


This package allows you to define a set of views, schemas, and templates that can be used as templates for a view on a Plone site.

So basically, it just allows an easy mechanism to provide extra, reusable templates that have settings attached to them. Each template that you fill in the settings for, can then be referenced from another template view on the site elsewhere.

Basic example

Define your settings:

>>> class ICustomSettings(Interface):
>>>     setting_one = schema.TextLine(title=u'Setting One')
>>>     setting_two = schema.Text(title=u'Setting Two', default=u'')

Define a template view utility:

>>> from wildcard.templatedviews.browser import BaseViewUtility
>>> from import WYSIWYGWidget
>>> class CustomTemplateViewUtility(BaseViewUtility):
>>>     settings = ICustomSettings
>>>     _for = None
>>>     title = u'Custom Template'
>>>     description = u'a custom template settings.'
>>>     custom_widgets = (
>>>         ('setting_one', WYSIWYGWidget),
>>>     )

And wire it up with zcml:

>>> <browser:page
>>>   for="*"
>>>   name="custom-template"
>>>   class="wildcard.templatedviews.browser.BaseView"
>>>   template="templates/"
>>>   permission="zope2.View"
>>> />
>>> <utility factory=".CustomTemplateViewUtility" name="custom-template" />
>>> <adapter
>>>   for="*"
>>>   provides=".ICustomSettings"
>>>   factory="wildcard.templatedviews.settings.TemplateViewSettings"
>>> />

Then in your, you can use the settings like this:

>>> <html xmlns="" xml:lang="en"
>>>       xmlns:tal=""
>>>       xmlns:metal=""
>>>       xmlns:i18n=""
>>>       lang="en"
>>>       metal:use-macro="here/main_template/macros/master"
>>>       i18n:domain="plone">
>>> <body>
>>> <metal:main fill-slot="main" tal:define="settings python: view.settings">
>>>   <tal:main-macro metal:define-macro="main">
>>>     <h1 tal:content="python: settings.setting_one" />
>>>     <p tal:content="structure python: settings.setting_two" />
>>>   </tal:main-macro>
>>> </metal:main>
>>> </body>
>>> </html>

You’ll also need to add the ‘templated-view’ view to the list of available views on the content type you’d like to use this for.

Now to use it after you’ve installed it, select “templated-view” from the display drop down, then use the “Select Template” and “Template Settings” to customize your templated view.

Check out the source for more examples on how to use it.


1.0b4 (2012-08-27)

  • fix use of transform

1.0b3 (2012-08-09)

  • plone 4.1 compat

  • transform uids

1.0b2 (2011-10-25)

  • if traversing to object doesn’t work, try looking it up in the redirect storage

1.0b1 (2011-04-13)

  • provide save events for settings and selected template

  • allow ordering of fields

1.0a2 (2010-04-10)

  • fix issue when no utilty can be found

  • add more utility methods to view

1.0a1 (2011-03-20)

  • Initial release

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