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Printing utils.

Project description


Printing utils for Windows.


pip install win32printing

Installed Utils

  • win32printing.get_system_fonts
  • win32printing.PrinterBase
  • win32printing.PrinterContext
  • win32printing.Printer

Printer APIs

  • text(text, align="left", font_config=None)
  • new_page()

Usage Example

from win32printing import Printer

font = {
    "height": 8,
with Printer(linegap=1) as printer:
    printer.text("title1", font_config=font)
    printer.text("title2", font_config=font)
    printer.text("title3", font_config=font)
    printer.text("title4", font_config=font)
    printer.text("title5", font_config=font)
    printer.text("title6", font_config=font)
    printer.text("title7", font_config=font)
    printer.text("title8", font_config=font)

Printer init parameters

  • printer_name: The printer name which will be used to print. None value means use system default's printer. Default to None.
  • doc_name: The file name will be used. None value means "NoNameFile". Default to None.
  • margin: The page margin. Default to (0, 0, 0, 0).
  • linegap: Gap between two lines.
  • default_font: Default font config used in print, will be override by .text(..., font_config).
  • auto_page: Do auto page or not. Default to False means you shuold care about pagination by yourself.

font_config items

  • height
  • width
  • escapement
  • orientation
  • weight
  • italic
  • underline
  • strikeOut
  • charSet
  • outPrecision
  • clipPrecision
  • quality
  • pitchAndFamily
  • faceName

Note: See item detail at


v0.1.3 2020-06-21

  • Add auto_page for Printer.
  • Fix Printer(..., default_font) not used problem.
  • Update doc, add new_page usage in example.

v0.1.2 2020-02-12

  • Fix printer_name parameter not using problem. Thanks to Mark Butsch.

v0.1.1 2019-10-22

  • Fix py_modules problem in

v0.1.0 2019-10-22

  • Allow text printing on Windows system.
  • Support text alignment and font settings.
  • Support linegap setting.

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