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mailchimp api v3 client

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# wingmonkey
mailchimp api v3 client

mailchimp v3 api reference documentation:

### Settings

To be able to make calls to mailchimp without having to initialize a custom MailChimpSession yourself make sure that at least following environment variable is set (or added to a .env file):



For more advanced usage you can pass a custom MailChimpSession to the serializers and functions:

from wingmonkey.mailchimp_session import MailChimpSession
from wingmonkey.lists import ListSerializer

session = MailChimpSession(api_endpoint=<YOUR MAILCHIMP BASE URL>, api_key=<YOUR MAILCHIMP API KEY>)
list_serializer = ListSerializer(session=session)


### Some more usage examples:

#### getting list info

from wingmonkey.lists import ListSerializer

list_serializer = ListSerializer()
list_id = 'A_VALID_LIST_ID'

my_list =

name =
total_subscribers = my_list.stats['member_count']
unsubscribe_count = my_list.stats['unsubscribe_count']
#### creating new member

from wingmonkey.members import Member, MemberSerializer

email_address = ''
merge_fields = {FNAME: 'Ceasar', LNAME: 'Chimp'}
language = 'en'
list_id = 'A_VALID_LIST_ID'

member_to_add = Member(

member_serializer = MemberSerializer()

newly_added_member = member_serializer.create(list_id=list_id, instance=member_to_add)

#### get all members of a list


from wingmonkey.async_operations import get_all_members_async
from datetime import datetime, timedelta

list_id = 'A_VALID_LIST_ID'

* all members
all_list_members = get_all_members_async(list_id=list_id)

* all members updated since specific date (take care to use the correct string format for datetime)
date_since = datetime.strftime( - timedelta(days=1), '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S')
extra_params = {'since_last_changed': date_since }
all_updated_members_since_yesterday = get_all_members_async(list_id=list_id, extra_params=extra_params)

#### batch update of a large list of members
* This will return a list of corresponding batch operation resources (1 for every 500 members)

from wingmonkey.async_operations import batch_update_members_async
list_id = 'A_VALID_LIST_ID'

batch_operation_resource_list = batch_update_members_async(list_id=list_id, member_list=member_list)

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