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Wirepas provisioning server reference implementation.

Project description

Wirepas Provisioning Server


This is the reference implemantation of the Wirepas provisioning server. It provides an example of the server side of Wirepas Provisioning Protocol. It must be used with the provisioning_joining_node application of the SDK. Please refer to the provisioning reference manual for further information.


Host dependencies

The main requirements of Provisioning Server are:

  • Python 3.7
  • Pip3 (we recommend the latest available)

Installing from PyPi

The Provisioning Server is available from PyPi and you can install the latest stable version with:

    pip3 install wirepas-provisioning

If you wish to install a particular version please see the release history from PyPi.

Installing from Github

First of all, make sure to clone the repository using the https address.

Checkout the git tag that corresponds to the release version you want to install and install the package with:

    pip3 install .

If you want to develop or patch a bug under your local environment, you can install the package in development mode through:

    pip3 install -e .

When installed in development mode, changes to the source files will be immediately visible.


Once installed, the Provisioning Server will be accessible through wm-prov-srv. It requires few parameters to run:

  • The Mqtt broker credentials the server will connect to.
  • A configuration file containing a list of nodes authorized to provision and their associated data. An example is available here
wm-prov-srv --host \
            --port 8883 \
            --username my_username \
            --password my_password \
            --config examples/provisioning_config.yml

Building and running over Docker

Docker allows application to run on a sandbox containing all the dependencies needed to run and execute them. If you are not familiar with Docker, please refer to the official documentation at


Provisioning server builds are available from dockerhub under the Provisioning server registry.

The latest tag points to the current stable release, whereas the edge tag points to the top of master. The latest tag is built automatically at dockerhub whenever this repository is tagged. The edge tag is built after each single merge into master.

To pull the Provisioning server image from dockerhub use:

    docker pull wirepas/provisioning-server:latest
    docker pull wirepas/provisioning-server:<tag>

Running with docker

As the container will have no access to your local environment, you will have o propagate the input parameters through env variables and by mounting the provisioning_config.yml file inside the container.

To run it with docker type:

    docker run -v $(pwd)/examples/provisioning_config.yml:/home/wirepas/wm-provisioning/vars/settings.yml \
               -e  \
               -e WM_SERVICES_MQTT_PORT=8883 \
               -e WM_SERVICES_MQTT_USERNAME=username \
               -e WM_SERVICES_MQTT_PASSWORD=password \

Running with compose

To run the Provisioning Server using docker compose, you will have to modify the template file to fit your environment. Environment must be customized to fit your mqtt broker parameters:


And the path of the configuration file path must be specified. Example if your config is located in /home/user/provisioning_config.yml

    - /home/user/provisioning_config.yml:/home/wirepas/wm-provisioning/vars/settings.yml

In the folder where you stored the customized file, please run:

docker-compose up -d

You can see the logs with:

docker-compose logs

And stop the gateway with:

docker-compose down

The tag to use for the provisioning server images can be chosen when invoking the docker-compose (by default it is latest tag).

PROV_SRV_TAG=edge docker-compose up -d

Building the image locally

To build the image locally in the root of the repo type:

    docker build -f docker/Dockerfile -t provisioning-server .

Alternatively you can also build using the docker-compose.yml present in the root of the directory:

    docker-compose -f docker/docker-compose.yml  build


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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