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Python Wires

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Python Wires is a library to facilitate callable wiring by decoupling callers from callees. It can be used as a simple callable-based event notification system, as an in-process publish-subscribe like solution, or in any context where 1:N callable decoupling is appropriate.


Python Wires is a pure Python package distributed via PyPI. Install it with:

$ pip install wires

Quick Start

Create a Wires object:

from wires import Wires

w = Wires()

Its attributes are callables, auto-created on first access, that can be wired to other callables:

def say_hello():
    print('Hello from wires!')

w.my_callable.wire(say_hello)       # Wires `w.my_callable`, auto-created, to `say_hello`.

Calling such callables calls their wired callables:

w.my_callable()                     # Prints 'Hello from wires!'

More wirings can be added:

def say_welcome():

w.my_callable.wire(say_welcome)     # Wires `w.my_callable` to `say_welcome`, as well.
w.my_callable()                     # Prints 'Hello from wires!' and 'Welcome!'.

Wirings can also be removed:

w.my_callable.unwire(say_hello)     # Removes the wiring to `say_hello`.
w.my_callable()                     # Prints 'Welcome!'

w.my_callable.unwire(say_welcome)   # Removes the wiring to `say_welcome`.
w.my_callable()                     # Does nothing.

To learn more about Python Wires, including passing parameters, setting wiring limits and tuning the call-time coupling behaviour, please refer to the remaining documentation at



Python Wires was created by Tiago Montes.

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