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A tui concentration app

Project description

Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree is a tui concentration app. Inspired by the wisdom tree in Plants vs. Zombies which gives in-game tips when it grows, Wisdom Tree gives you real life tips when it grows. How can you grow the tree? by concentrating!


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Wisdom-tree uses vlc to play music, please make sure vlc is installed.

Extra step for mac brew install sdl2_mixer

Extra step for Windows pip install windows-curses

Installation from PyPi

pip install wisdom-tree or pip3 install wisdom-tree

Installation using pipx

pipx install wisdom-tree

This allows you to run the app from anywhere

Installation From Github

git clone

cd wisdom-tree

pip install -r requirements.txt or pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Running the app

  • From anywhere after installation from PyPi or using pipx


  • From the github repository (root):

python3 wisdom_tree/

note the underscore




Use left and right arrow keys to change music

To add your own music, place it inside the res/ directory (all music must be in .ogg format)

Use up an down arrow keys an enter to select and start Pomodoro timers.

While using lofi-radio use n to skip song and r to replay

[ and ] to increase and decrease the music/ambience volume respectively

{ and } to increase and decrease the sound effect volume respectively

You can replace arrow keys with vim's navigation keys (hjkl)

m to mute music.

r to toggle repeat.

u to toggle q[u]iet mode, which mutes growth sounds and timer start sounds.

space to pause and unpause.

+, - to seek 10 sec forwards and backwords

number keys 0-9 to go 0-90% into the audio. Eg; pressing 6 will take you 60% into the audio, 7 will take you 70% and so on.

To exit press q

Custom quotes

The user can use any set of quotes by adding a file called qts.txt with one qoute per line to the defualt config location:


where {CONFIG_LOCATION} is the default place to save configuration files for the operating system:

  • windows: The folder pointed to by LOCALAPPDATA or APPDATA
  • mac/linux: The folder pointed to by XDG_CONFIG_HOME or ~/.config

for now, adding a custom quotes file disables the default quotes


Wisdom tree plays a variety of music, environmental sounds and white noises to help you concentrate. You can also import your own music into Wisdom Tree.

3000+ quotes and lines of wisdom. You are assured that you will never see the same quote again

Minimal interface and navigation to increase concentration.

Pomodoro timer

Play music from youtube

Lo-Fi radio

Upcoming Features

Play music from youtube

Lo-Fi radio

If you would like to see a feature implemented, please open an issue with tag [FEATURE REQUEST]


Before you consider donating, please note that I am still a school student and code in my free time, donating will not help me work on wisdom-tree or my other projects faster. Your tip can end up on onlycoins at worst, or pay for my college tuition at best.



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