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Python packages built using eppy

Project description

witheppy Documentation Status

Python packages built using eppy


  • includes additional functionality that can be used with eppy

What is witheppy

Witheppy is a python package that gathers all the useful functions written with eppy. Many people have used eppy and some have written functions that may be useful to practitioners at large. This becomes an organized place to upload this code.

More will be written on where to upload the code and how to document it. The functions will fall under multiple categories, such as idfhelpers, geometry, HVAC, JSON reader.

The JSON reader may be the most critical functionality. E+ is transitioning towards using a JSON file format instead of the IDD/IDF text format. At one point all E+ files will be in the JSON format. Right now eppy cannot read the JSON format. The intent is to have JSON reader in witheppy for eppy.

Witheppy to eppy

Any code put into witheppy proves to be useful, it will be transitioned into eppy. To ensure that witheppy is working as intended, the maintainers of eppy will not write code directly into eppy. All code intended for eppy will be first written in witheppy and then if it proves to be useful, it will be transitioned into eppy.


This package was created with Cookiecutter and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template.



release 0.1.8


Sun Dec 12 11:20:53 2021 -0800

  • fixed issue #53
    • Problem:

      Need guidance on how to do a release

    • Solution:

      Steps for release are documented on CONTRIBUTIONS.rst


Sat Dec 11 19:35:58 2021 -0800

  • fixed issue #11
    • Problem:

      CONTRIBUTIONS.rst page needs to use the C4 contract

    • Solutions:

      CONTRIBUTIONS.rst page updated to list the steps in the C4 Contract

release 0.1.6


Mon Dec 6 14:37:38 2021 -0800

  • fixed issue #42
    • Problem:

      Need a function to add or remove exhaust fans from a zone

    • Solution:

      putexhaust(), removeexhaust(), hasexhaust(), findexhaust() in eppyhelpers.hvac

release 0.1.5


  • fixed issue #39
    • Problem:

      Need a function to merge 2 or more zones

    • Solution:

      wrote eppyhelpers.mergezones(idf, mergeznames)

release 0.1.4


  • fixed issue #32
    • Problem:

      runandget get uses which does not allow runs simultaneously

    • Solution:

      use idfRUNs() which allows multiple runs simultaneously


  • fixed issue #30
    • Problem:

      remove ephtml - this functionality is present in eppy

    • Solution:

      removed ephtml- now using eppy.results.fasthtml


  • fixed issue #27
    • Problem: experimental.runadget() was written in eppy. It should be in witheppy

    • Solution: moved runadget() to witheppy


  • removed the optional arg weather from eplaunch
    • fix for issue #24

release 0.1.0


  • First release on PyPI.

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