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A python module to generate a tokenized dump of Wikipedia for NLP

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Welcome to WiToKit, a Python toolkit to download and generate preprocessed Wikipedia dumps for all languages.

WiToKit can be used to converts a Wikipedia archive into a single .txt file, one (tokenized) sentence per line.

Note: WiToKit currently only supports xx-pages-articles.xml.xx.bz2 Wikipedia archives corresponding to articles, templates, media/file descriptions, and primary meta-pages.


pip3 install witokit

On python3.5 you may need to pass on the --process-dependency-link flag:

pip3 install witokit --process-dependency-link



To download a .bz2-compressed Wikipedia XML dump, do:

witokit download ⁠\
  --lang lang_wp_code \
  --date wiki_date \
  --output /abs/path/to/output/dir/where/to/store/bz2/archives \
  --num-threads num_cpu_threads

For example, to download the latest English Wikipedia, do:

witokit download ⁠--lang en --date latest --output /abs/path/to/output/dir --num-threads 2

The --lang parameter expects the WP (language) code corresponding to the desired Wikipedia archive. Check out the full list of Wikipedias with their corresponding WP codes here.

The --date parameter expects a string corresponding to one of the dates found under the Wikimedia dump site corresponding to a given Wikipedia dump (e.g. for the English Wikipedia).

Important Keep num-threads <= 3 to avoid rejection from Wikimedia servers


To extract the content of the downloaded .bz2 archives, do:

witokit extract \
  --input /abs/path/to/downloaded/wikipedia/bz2/archives \
  --num-threads num_cpu_threads


To preprocess the content of the extracted XML archives and output a single .txt file, tokenize, one sentence per line:

witokit process \
  --input /abs/path/to/wikipedia/extracted/xml/archives \
  --output /abs/path/to/single/output/txt/file \
  --lower \  # if set, will lowercase text
  --num-threads num_cpu_threads

Preprocessing for all languages is performed with Polyglot.


You can also use WiToKit to sample the content of a preprocess .txt file, using:

witokit sample \
  --input /abs/path/to/witokit/preprocessed/txt/file \
  --percent \  # percentage of total lines to keep
  --balance  # if set, will balance sampling, otherwise, will take top n sentences only

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