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Write Markdown and have it published and hosted on Cloudflare Workers

Project description


A system to write Markdown and have it published and hosted via Cloudflare Workers



  1. pip3 install workdown
  2. Run wrangler generate site This will generate a folder called site containing the folder structure workdown requires to work.
  3. Configure wrangler.toml with your Cloudflare details, make sure your route ends in a wildcard e.g. route = "*".
  4. Create a KV Namespace and bind in to pages in your wrangler.toml file.
  5. Make a markdown file ending in .md in the content/ directory If you want it to be your main page, name it
  6. From the site folder (or whatever you named it) run workdown
  7. Done!


CSS should go in the assets/ directory. They will be available as their full filename under css. For example if you make main.css, it will be


Here is where you can customize the header and footer of pages in HTML. Currently all partials apply to all pages generated. Good things to do here would be if you have a static CSS file in css/ or would like to include a a fonts CDN, add it into the <head> in the partials/header.html so it will be usable on your pages.


The path for content will be the name of the markdown file with no extension. For example if you make, it will be

Install directly from Github

pip3 install git+

Manual Install

  1. git clone
  2. cd workdown
  3. python3 install

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