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A Python client library for

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A Workstreams Python Client Library

For an overview of the Workstream API, click here.


  • Python >= 3.6
  • Requests >= 2.19.0

Getting started

pip install workstreams

workstreams is very simple to use -- take a look at the below example:

from workstreams import WorkstreamsClient

workstreams = WorkstreamsClient('your token')

workstreams.tasks.create(team_id='T3T7BFHGV', channel_id='C3T7D66J1', ws_user_id='U3T716H3N', data={
    'title': 'test task',
    'labels': [
    'checklist': [{
        'text': 'never gonna give you up',
        'checked': False
    'dueDate': '2018-03-07T11:46:17Z',
    'assignee': 'U3T716H3N'

Note: ws_user_id must always be provided for app tokens.

Tasks Resource (workstreams.tasks)

Available methods:

  • create(team_id, channel_id, data, ws_user_id=None) - Create a task

  • update(task_id, data, ws_user_id=None) - Update a task

  • fetch(task_id, ws_user_id=None) - Fetch a single task

  • fetch_user_tasks(team_id, user_id, ws_user_id=None) - Fetch tasks for a single user

  • fetch_tasks_for_users(team_id, user_ids, ws_user_id=None) - Fetch tasks for multiple users

    • Example: fetch_tasks_for_users(team_id='T3T7BFHGV', user_ids=['U123456', 'U123457', 'U123458'], ws_user_id=None)
  • fetch_tasks_for_channels(team_id, channel_ids) - Fetch all tasks for multiple channels

    • Example: fetch_tasks_for_channels(team_id='T3T7BFHGV', channel_ids=['C3T7D66J1', 'C3T7D66J2'], ws_user_id=None)
  • fetch_changed_tasks_for_channels(team_id, channel_ids, timestamp, ws_user_id=None) - Fetch all tasks for multiple channels which changed since given timestamp

  • fetch_archived_tasks_for_channels(team_id, channel_ids, ws_user_id=None) - Fetch all archived tasks for multiple channels

  • archive_tasks(task_ids, ws_user_id=None) - Archive multiple tasks

  • restore_tasks(task_ids, ws_user_id=None) - Restore multiple tasks

  • fetch_all_tasks_by_label(team_id, label_id, ws_user_id=None) - Fetch all tasks by label

Tasks Resource (workstreams.labels)

Available methods:

  • create(team_id, data, ws_user_id=None) - Create a new label

  • update(label_id, data, ws_user_id=None) - Update a label

  • delete(label_id, ws_user_id=None) - Delete a label

  • fetch(label_id, ws_user_id=None) - Fetch a single label

  • fetch_team_labels(team_id, ws_user_id=None) - Fetch all labels for a given team

Goals Resource (workstreams.goals)

Available methods:

  • create(team_id, data, ws_user_id=None) - Create a new goal

  • update(team_id, goal_id, data, ws_user_id=None) - Update a goal

  • archive(team_id, goal_id, ws_user_id=None) - Archive a goal

  • fetch_all(team_id, ws_user_id=None) - Fetch all goals visible to the token owner



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