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Arcade 2D survival game.

Project description

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WorldMor is an application (game) write in Python using framework PyQt. It is created as a semestral work of MI-PYT course at CTU in Prague.

In this game, it’s an effort to get the best score on the map in the selected level. The map contains the crafts, bullets, weapons, and of course enemies, which is the task of destroying. The Enemies can also collect these items. With time when the distance from the start is more significant the count of objects on the map decreasing, and the number of enemies increasing. The game can also be played in fullscreen mode. There are three levels of difficulty that are specified by enemy surveillance and their speed.


  • Game is released on Pypi.

  • This game can be install using pip.

  • Use following command: python -m pip install worldmor

Control and aim of the game

You can use WSAD or arrows to walk, and you can use Spacebar or 0 to shoot. The body always shoots in the direction of movement.

The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy, after each destroyed extra-emblem, there is blood on the map that points, but the attention need not be collected by you alone. The game ends after you’ve been killed. The number of objects on the map drops to a minimum and the number of enemies increases with the distance from start, which will soon bring about an end.

Semestral work assignment

The work aims to create a game that will take place on a 2D endless map. Your aim of the game will be to get the highest score.

The map itself is endless. Visibility is limited. The map finds aliens (opponents) controlled by some artificial intelligence (more likely to settle the difficulty). Their goal is your destruction of course, but they have more primitive weapons than you can find.

The score can be obtained for the destruction of computer opponents. Some bonuses can also be placed on the map, where you can get points and weapons which can help you destroy computer opponents.

Weapons will have a different range of damage which they can cause. Also, weapons will have a range. With the use of weapons, it is clear that everyone on the map will have his own life. This can be supplemented by some pharmacies.

With increasing time, the game will become more and more difficult, the number of opponents will increase, and the number of weapons, pharmacies on the map will decreasing.


  • Fullscreen mode

  • The ability to save and load a saved game

  • Increasing skill on an endless map

  • Several levels of enemy intelligence

  • Some different types of weapons

Build from repository

For editing and local use, it is also possible to download this repository and to bring the game directly from it. Try following commands:

  1. Clone WorldMor from repository.

  2. Go into the cloned directory.

  3. Run python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

  4. Use the following command to build Cython code for your system: python develop

  5. Now you can run game using python -m worldmor


The documentation are build using ReadTheDocs and you can find it at WorldMorDoc

Also the documentation can build using the following steps:

  1. Clone WorldMor from repository.

  2. Go into the cloned directory.

  3. Run python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

  4. Use the following command to build Cython code for your system: python develop

  5. Go to docs directory inside the WorldMor.

  6. Run make html

  7. You can find all of the .html files in _build/html directory


This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv3.

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