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Backup your Wordpress post to GitHub or local

Project description

# wpexport This small python package backup your Wordpress post to GitHub. It convert the html to Markdown with pypandoc. For the api interaction, I uses the two packages gitpython and python-wordpress-xmlrpc. So you have to install this dependence, if you wand to install it from source.

## quick start Install wpexport: `bash pip install wpexport ` It uses pandoc for the formatting. you may have to install it manually. `bash sudo apt install pandoc ` More information

Set up your settings: `bash python -m wpexport --setup ` and when you have to input all the parameters. After that it will save the parameters in the file ~.wpexport.conf. Notice that your passwords are in this file.

Now you are ready to have some fun. `bash python -m wpexport `

## command line arguments This command export all your post to the GitHub repo. If you didn’t like the config file, you can pass the parameter throw the terminal. Use the name of the parameter as the command option. The command option will always override the config file. For axample you cann uses the config file for all parametes exclude the password. And then pass the password throw the command line. `bash python -m wpexport --wp_pw 1234 `

## the config file You can also uses another config file. For the setup as well as the backup function. `bash python -m wpexport --config "/path/to/your/config.json" ` The config file is a basic json file. You can look into it and change the values, if you like.

## only local export If you didn’t like GitHub, only export it to your local machine. `bash python -m wpexport --output "/path/to/your/export" `

## how does it work? Coming soon.

## development Clone repo: `bash git clone ` Create virtual environment and update dev-tools: `bash python3 -m venv venv source venv/bin/activate pip install --upgrade wheel pip setuptools twine ` Install wpexport: `bash pip install -e . `

Publish the packages: `bash python sdist bdist_wheel twine upload dist/* `

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