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A library that allows users to publish their executables as GeoServer WPS Processes through the XMPP protocol

Project description

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[RemoteWPS] is an open source software written in Python part of the GeoServer ( project that allows users to publish their executables as GeoServer WPS Processes through the XMPP protocol.

RemoteWPS is meant to be used along with the GeoServer “wps-remote” plugin for the WPS (

Being a community-driven project, RemoteWPS is developed, tested, and supported by a diverse group of individuals and organizations from around the world.

## License

RemoteWPS licensed under the [GPL](

## Using

You can install the “wps-remote” Python package by using the PyPi distribution

pip install wps-remote==2.14.1

Please refer to the [user guide]( for detailed information on how to install and use RemoteWPS.

## API Reference Doc

## Bugs

Through GeoServer JIRA.

GeoServer uses [JIRA](, hosted by [Atlassian](, for issue tracking.

## Mailing Lists

Through GeoServer Mailing Lists.

The [mailing list page]( on the GeoServer web site provides access to the various mailing list, as well as some indication of the [code of conduct]( when posting to the lists

## Contributing

Through GeoServer Process.

Please read [the contribution guidelines]( before contributing pull requests to the GeoServer project.

## More Information

Visit the [website]( or read the [docs](

Change Log

2.14.1 [2018-09-14 11:48:37] (aligned with GeoServer Remote WPS Plugin - 2.14.x)
  • Fixes: inputs and outputs mime-types declaration on service.config
  • Cleanup: removing non source code stuff
  • Resilience: resource_monitoring now skips non-python/readable processes without dying
  • Resilience: processbot identifies relative paths for executable commands
2.12.0 [2017-07-03 12:13:10] (aligned with GeoServer Remote WPS Plugin - 2.12.x)
  • Fix for: Inputs application/json mapping error
  • Fix for: Inputs application/vnd.geo+json support
  • Fix for: Date input / output parsing
  • Fix for: JSON ID error
  • Improved robustness of wps agent
  • Allowed “-” in string input parameters
  • Fix for: Catch resource clean exception
  • Fix for: Input / output parameters are not sorted according to the process definition
2.11.2 [2017-02-16 10:12:23]
  • SFTP/FTP pluggable uploaders support
  • Minor refactoring and code cleanup
2.9.3 [2016-03-31 17:24:47]
  • Added “processbot” XMPP connection checks
  • Added “servicebot” check “processbot” status error and send error message impersonating the underlying process
  • Added “NetCDF Output” example on service.config
2.9.2 [2016-03-17 17:33:19]
  • Added “process_blacklist” property to “service.config” file
  • Added “proc_is_running(self, proc_names)” to “ResourceMonitor(threading.Thread)” background thread
2.9.1 [2016-03-16 11:09:56]
  • Added “GetLoadAverageMessage” XMPP message for resource monitoring
  • Added “ResourceMonitor(threading.Thread)” background thread collecting resource consuption data
  • On GeoServer side the “” file on GEOSERVER_DATA must be updated with the properties xmpp_cpu_perc_threshold = 80.0 xmpp_mem_perc_threshold = 80.0

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