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Finds and extracts tables from Wikipedia.

Project description


Finds tables in the raw HTML of a Wikipedia page and converts them to a clean list-of-dictionaries, suitable for easy processing in Python.

Note, this is a convenience tool to help one-off processing of specific Wikipedia pages, where downloading an entire Wikipedia snapshot would be impractical. It’s inefficient and will not scale well for bulk use. If you need to do bulk processing of a large number of pages in Wikipedia, please download and process a Wikipedia snapshot .


Install using pip via:

sudo pip install wptablefinder


>>> from wptablefinder import Table
>>> table = Table.from_url('')[0]
>>> print table.headers
[u'Rank', u'Country (or dependent territory)', u'Population', u'Date', u'% of world population', u'Source']
>>> for row in table:
...  print row
{u'% of world population': u'18.9%', u'Rank': u'1', u'Source': u'Official population clock', u'Country (or dependent territory)': u'China [ Note 2 ]', u'Date': datetime.datetime(2015, 8, 15, 0, 0), u'Population': u'1,371,520,000'}

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