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Easily get Wikipedia article info and Wikidata via MediaWiki APIs.

Project description

Wikipedia tools (for Humans)

Easily get Wikipedia article info and Wikidata via MediaWiki APIs.

  • get an HTML or plain text “extract” (lead or summary)
  • get a representative image (or thumbnail)
  • get an Infobox as a python dictionary
  • get selected Wikidata properties
  • get a Wikidata item by title
  • get random info

These are purpose-built methods intended to make it as easy as possible to get common data from MediaWiki instances, expose more Wikidata, and extend or augment MediaWiki API functions. We say “(for Humans)” because that is a goal in the same spirit as @kennethreitz requests. Contributions are welcome!


$ pip install wptools


>>> import wptools
>>> a = wptools.wptools('a')
a (en)
  lang: en
  title: a

The methods below may yield the attributes noted for a given instance.

  Tries all get_s below, filling available attributes

get_parse(self)  MediaWiki:API action=parse
  infobox - Infobox data as python dictionary
  links - inter-wiki links (iwlinks)
  pageid - Wikipedia database ID
  parse - parse {query, request, response} data
  parsetree - parse tree
  wikibase - wikibase_item (id) or wikidata URL
  wikitext - raw wikitext

get_query(self)  MediaWiki:API action=query
  extext - plain text extract (from extract)
  extract - HTML extract, see Extension:TextExtract
  images - {image, pageimages, thumbnail}
  pageid - Wikipedia database ID
  pageimage - see Extension:PageImages
  query - query {query, request, response} data
  random - a random article title with every request!
  url - the canonical wiki URL
  urlraw - raw wikitext URL

get_wikidata(self)  Wikidata:API action=wbgetentities
  image - Wikidata Property:P18, like DBPedia foaf:depiction
  description - Wikidata description
  label - Wikidata label

API request data can be found in the following attributes:

g_parse: <dict(3)> {info, query, response}
g_query: <dict(3)> {info, query, response}
g_wikidata: <dict(3)> {info, query, response}


Get a random article:

>>> import wptools
>>> wptools.wptools() (action=random) None
Borg_Island (en)
  lang: en
  pageid: 29332964
  title: Borg_Island

Get a random Japanese article:

>>> wptools.wptools(lang='jp') (action=random) None
土御門殿 (jp)
  lang: jp
  pageid: 526200
  title: 土御門殿

Get a text extract:

>>> a = wptools.wptools('aardvark')
>>> a.get_query() (action=query) aardvark
>>> print t.extext
The **aardvark** (/ˈɑːrd.vɑːrk/ _**ARD**-vark_; _Orycteropus afer_) is a
medium-sized, burrowing, nocturnal mammal native to Africa. It is the only
living species of the order Tubulidentata, although other prehistoric species
and genera of Tubulidentata are known. Unlike other insectivores, it has a
long pig-like snout, which is used to sniff out food. It roams over most of
the southern two-thirds of the African continent, avoiding areas that are
mainly rocky. A nocturnal feeder, it subsists on ants and termites, which it
will dig out of their hills using its sharp claws and powerful legs. It also
digs to create burrows in which to live and rear its young. It receives a
"least concern" rating from the IUCN, although its numbers seem to be

Get an infobox and some wikidata:

>>> n = wptools.wptools('Napoleon', lang='fr')
>>> n.get_parse().get_wikidata() (action=parse) Napoleon (action=wikidata) Q517
Napoléon_Ier (fr)
  Description: chef d'État français
  Label: Napoléon Ier
  infobox: <dict(64)> {charte, conjoint, couronnement 1, date de déc...

Get wikidata directly using wikibase item:

>>> q = wptools.wptools(wikibase='Q42')
>>> q.get_wikidata() (action=wikidata) Q42 (en)
  Description: English writer and humorist
  Label: Douglas Adams
  g_wikidata: <dict(3)> {info, query, response}
  lang: en

Get everything available all at once!

>>> w = wptools.wptools('Shakespeare')
>>> w.get() (action=query) Shakespeare (action=parse) William_Shakespeare (action=wikidata) Q692
William_Shakespeare (en)
  Description: English playwright and poet
  Label: William Shakespeare
  extext: <str(2572)> **William Shakespeare** (/ˈʃeɪkspɪər/; 26...
  extract: <str(2985)> <p><b>William Shakespeare</b> (<span><span>/<...
  g_parse: <dict(3)> {info, query, response}
  g_query: <dict(3)> {info, query, response}
  g_wikidata: <dict(3)> {info, query, response}
  images: <dict(3)> {Image, pageimage, thumbnail}
  infobox: <dict(14)> {birth_date, birth_place, caption, children, d...
  lang: en
  links: <list(8)>
  pageid: 32897
  parsetree: <str(185585)> <root><template><title>About</title><part...
  random: MobiasBanca
  title: William_Shakespeare
  wikitext: <str(100349)> {{About|the poet and playwright|other pers...

Mix languages!

>>> t = wptools.wptools(title='Tolkien', lang='zh')
>>> t.get() (action=query) Tolkien (action=parse) J·R·R·托爾金 (action=wikidata) Q892
J·R·R·托爾金 (zh)
  Description: 英国作家
  Label: J·R·R·托尔金
  extext: <str(1704)> **約翰·羅納德·魯埃爾·托爾金**,...
  extract: <str(2067)> <p><b>約翰·羅納德·魯埃爾·托爾金...
  infobox: <dict(16)> {birth_name, birthdate, birthplace, caption, d...
  lang: zh


Release History

0.0.5 (2016-08-23)

  • Major re-write.
  • Exposed core.WPTools as entrypoint.
  • Added get_parse(), get_query(), and get_wikidata().
  • Added get(self) to query all APIs.
  • Added show(self) method to display fetched attrs.
  • Show instance attributes after each request.
  • Ignore requests if attrs will not be updated.
  • Enabled language support across APIs.
  • Gets random article if no arguments.
  • CLI scripts and tests disabled pending update.

0.0.4 (2016-08-16)

  • Added wptools.lead.
  • Added safe_exit() to CLI scripts.
  • Removed a fair amount of unused code.

0.0.3 (2016-08-12)

  • Implemented wptools.image choices.
  • Added wptools.api to simplify python i/f and CLI scripts.
  • Merged @0x9900’s CLI dist fixes.
  • A little more test coverage.

0.0.2 (2016-08-02)

  • Starting to look like a legit module.

0.0.1 (2015)

  • Still better than alternatives for working with articles.

0.0.0 (2012)

  • It seems to work!

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