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Auth0 middleware for multiple client configurations

Project description

This is an Auth0 middleware for multiple client configurations.

It adds 4 keys to environ mapping:

  • wsgiauth0.jwt_claims: The decoded claims dict or None if any error occurred. Example:

        'iss': 'issuer',
        'sub': 'auth0|user_id',
        'aud': ',
        'exp': 1234567890,
        'iat': 1134567890,
  • wsgiauth0.jwt_error: A mapping with keys code and description or None if no error occurred, Example:

        'code': 'invalid_header',
        'description': 'Authorization header must be "Bearer token".',
  • wsgiauth0.jwt_client: A mapping with the client info used if any info were successfully deduced from json web token received:

        'id': 'NieY4eekoo3aed2fe9ei',
        'audience': '',
        'secret': 'shei6eehuF2ui9OphahW',
  • REMOTE_USER: The decoded subject from wsgiauth0.jwt_claims or None if any error occurred.


Configure your wsgi pipeline in paste deploy ini file:

use = egg:wsgiauth0#middleware
clients_config_file = %(here)s/auth0_clients_config.yml

pipeline =

use = egg:wsgiapp#main

use = egg:waitress#main
host =
port = 6543

Configuration with DynamoDB

It expects a clients_config_file key pointing to auth0 client configuration yaml file.

Here is an example of a yaml configuration file.

Client 1:
    id: oZ0ahm4Thoh1Oghiqu4oe9qu
    audience: oZ0ahm4Thoh1Oghiqu4oe9qu
        value: noh4feibaighikeeD0inah9Rei3nei6yeenoa7uar2Dah2yaeKioph8Jux8ahte
        type: base64_url_encoded

Client 2:
    id: Aen1XobahDoh7queing3eaS0@clients
        value: |
            -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----
            -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----
        type: certiticate

Configuration with DynamoDB

DynamoDB can be used as a configuration source. The configuration table should have an item for each key that should be used for authentication.

Specify the table name with the clients_config_table key, and the service name with clients_config_service.

The table should have a hash key on the service field, and a sort key on the label field (a human friendly description for the key). The other fields are id, audience, and secret with sub-keys type and value.

You should require the dynamodb extra dependency (i.e. wsgiauth0[dynamodb]).

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