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Smart timestamp utility

Project description

wttime - A fuzzy time parser

Lint and test

Tired of figuring out what this timestamp means? Done with format strings? Cannot be bothered to care about all the seconds, millis, and jiffies?

You don't have to! wttime is a fuzzy parser that can recover and disambiguate virtually any time specification you can throw at it.

Getting Started


pip install wttime


Guessing the most likely meaning:

$ wttime -t 'America/Los_Angeles' 20200101
UTC:     2020-01-01 08:00:00 (+0000)
$ wttime 1231231233000000
UTC:     2009-01-06 08:40:33 (+0000)
$ wttime 1231231233000
UTC:     2009-01-06 08:40:33 (+0000)
$ wttime 'Tuesday 10pm'
UTC:     2020-05-26 20:00:00 (+0000)

Variety of output formats:

$ wttime -l -r --remote-timezone 'America/Chicago' -f '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M' -umy 1231231233000000
UTC:     2009-01-06 08:40
Local:   2009-01-06 09:40
Remote:  2009-01-06 02:40
Seconds: 1231231233
Millis:  1231231233000
Micros:  1231231233000000

$ wttime -nx 20200810 -ns -y


wttime --help


  • get more data about format frequency in the wild
  • figure out how to get feedback


Add pre-commit hooks:

ln -sf $(pwd)/misc/hooks/pre-commit .git/hooks

Run tests


Publish to PyPI

rm -rf sdist
python sdist
twine upload dist/*


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.

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