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Wrappers for Python builtins with higher-level APIs

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  • Compatibility: CPython 2.7+/3.3+ and the last stable versions of pypy2.

  • Platform: Agnostic. But only tested on GNU/Linux for now.

  • Version: 0.2

  • Documentation.

Install with:

pip install ww

Ever wish you could…

lazily slice generators?

>>> from ww import g
>>> gen = g(x * x for x in range(100))
>>> gen
<IterableWrapper generator>
>>> for element in g(x * x for x in range(100))[3: 6]:
...     print(element)

add dictionaries?

>>> from ww import d
>>> dic = d({'a': 1})
>>> dic
{'a': 1}
>>>  dic + {'b': 2}
{'b': 2, 'a': 1}

have a len attribute on lists?

>>> from ww import l
>>> lst = l([1, 2, 3])
>>> lst
[1, 2, 3]
>>> lst.len

join() from tuple?

>>> from ww import t
>>> tpl = t((1, 2, 3))
>>> tpl
(1, 2, 3)
>>> tpl.join(',')  # oh, it also autocasts to string. And its configurable.

replace() multiple caracters at once in a string?

>>> from ww import s
>>> string = s('fizz buzz')
>>> string  # strings try very hard to be consistent on Python 2 and 3
u'fizz buzz'
>>> string.replace(('i', 'u'), 'o')  # the original signature is ok too
u'fozz bozz'

And there are many, many, more goodies.


The software is currently in early stage. Only s() and g() are considered well documented and tested, and even them deserve some more love. You’ll also meet some empty files for future ideas.

We choose to make an early release under the pressing request of colleagues eager to try it but it’s not the final product. Quality is on the way.

Also, we WILL break the API until we reach 1.0, from which we’ll switch to semver and secure the API.


You can offer PR with your contributions to ww. They should include unit tests, docstrings, type definitions and a new entry in the documentation. And follow the style conventions:

Get the full repository:

git clone

And move inside the ww directory.

Install ww and the dependancies for dev:

python develop
pip install -r dev-requirements.txt

Deactivate dev mode:

python develop –uninstall

Running unit tests on your current Python:

python test

Run tests coverage with your current Python:

# cmd only coverage
py.test --cov ww tests
# dump an HTML report in htmlcov dir
py.test  --cov-report html --cov ww tests

We have many test environements to build the doc, validate the code against various checkers and linters or run unit tests on several Python interpreters.

You can list them all with:

tox -l


$ tox -l

You can run them individually with:

tox -e env_name


tox -e doc # builds the documentation

All envs with a name starting with “py” requires that you have the matching Python interpreter installed on your system to be ran.

E.G: py33 requires you to have CPython 3.3 installed on your machine, and pypy2

supposes you have PyPy2 on your machine.

The mypy, bandit and doc env require you to have Python3.5 installed.

Running all the tests in all envs can be done with:


Before you do a PR, it’s better if you can do this, since it will run the the most tests. But remember if you don’t have the matching interpreters they will be skipped.

In any case, running the checkers and linters is strongly advised, as any PR failing them will be rejected.

Versioning scheme

Versioning follow SemVer, althoug we won’t commit to stability before version 1.0.

Release with X.Y.Z will be of 2 kinds:

  • if Y is odd, the release will add features.

  • if Y is even or Z > 0, the release will be dedicated to bug fixing, documentation, API improvment and performances.


  • 0.2.1: 1 > 0 so no new features.

  • 1.4.1: 4 is even, so no new features.

  • 2.1.0: 1 is odd, you may see new feature in this release.

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