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wzk's library

Project description

This is wzk's personal python library~

How to install?

simply run pip install wzk. That's it! (make sure your python version >= 3.7)

What can you do?


play games

Each with an interesting console game

import wzk


What happens if you translate one sentence 20 times with Baidu translation?

import wzk


look up english words in dictionary

Off-line Chinese-English dictionary with more than 100k words;

Translate with baidu or off-line dictionary

import wzk
wzk.lookup("good", verbose=True, non_alpha=False)
#translate with baidu
wzk.translate("I love you")
#translate with dictionary
wzk.direct_translate("I love you")

check your OO homework

Generate data, judge your results, and beatmatch with peers

Note: made in 2020, may not be applicable in later years

from wzk.oo2020 import *

print(hw5_judge(open("out.txt").read(), open("data.txt").read()))

NLP metric

Calculate BLEU score

from wzk.nlp import bleu
print(bleu("they are good", "they are not good", k=2))

Useful Tools

Luna: simple version control system

"luna" can mean anything, depending on your mood.

  • the goddess of the moon in Roman mythology: isn't it great?
  • "light unix-like navigating assistant": you're in a good mood, and it actually works for you. Angels sing, and a light suddenly fills the room.
  • "loony unsteady nerd as**ole": when it breaks
  • Luna Lovegood in HP: correct!

(1) installation

  • method 1: python -- recommended
import wzk.luna
  • method 2: shell
#change PATH to the absolute path of wzk/
#change .bashrc if using another shell. e.g. ~/.zshrc
echo "alias luna='python PATH/' " >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc
#for single trial, "alias luna='python PATH/'" is enough

(2) Use in shell (command line) -- recommended

Note: support Linux and Mac OS (try git bash if using Windows)

mkdir test
cd test
luna init
touch 666.txt
luna commit "first commit"
touch hahaha
echo "hello world" >> 666.txt
luna diff
luna commit "second commit"
luna log
luna diff 1 2
luna diff 1 666.txt
luna reset 1
luna reset 2
luna history
luna delete 1
luna info
luna discard

(3) Use in python

from wzk.luna import *
p = "~/Desktop/"
makefile(p, "1")
commit(p, "commit 1")
makefile(p, "2")
commit(p, "commit 2")
revise(p, 2, "commit 3 new message")
reset(p, 1)
reset(p, 2)

send email

Send email with SMTP

import wzk
mail_host = ...
mail_user = ...
mail_pass = ...
sender = wzk.parser.MailSender(mail_host, mail_user, mail_pass)
sender.send_mail(title="hi~", content="nothing~", receiver=None)

check web page update

Automatically check web page and send notification email upon update

import wzk
mail_host = ...
mail_user = ...
mail_pass = ...
checker = wzk.parser.WebPageUpdateChecker(mail_host, mail_user, mail_pass, cookies=None)
checker.check("", interval=10)

check system information

see information on your system and python

from wzk.os import *

For Developers

improved data structure

Dictionary supporting inverse-mapping and attribute-indexing

Number type supporting setting bound and loop

from wzk import DD, N

a = DD({"good": "kk"})
a.bad = "nyima"

b = N(4, upper_bound=8, lower_bound=3)
b += 5
c = N(4, upper_bound=8, lower_bound=3, loop=True)

interestring utensils

Several interesing utensils

import time
from wzk import ErrorFucker, Separate, Clock

with ErrorFucker(raises=False) as ef1:
    d1 = int("f")

with Separate("separate zone", count=True) as s:

with s:
    with Clock("test") as c:

with ErrorFucker(raises=True) as ef2:
    d2 = int("d")

simplified pytorch(?)

Scalar autograd mechanism

from wzk.autograd.thing import *

a = thing(2)
b = thing(3)
c = a + leaky_relu(b)
d = thing(5) 
e = tanh(d) 
f = relu(e)
g = log(f)

print(a, b, c, d, e, f, g)

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