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X automated test platform command line client

Project description

X ATP CLI Client

X automated test platform command line client.

usage: [-h] [-v] [-d] [-r ATP_SERVER_URL] [-api] [-n WORKSPACE_NAME]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --version         Output client version information
  -d, --demo            Create x_sweetest_example project in the current
                        Run X-ATP automated test execution side service (E.g x-atp-cli -r -api)
  -api, --interface     Client Run test Type API (used with parameter -r)
                        The identifier name of the execution workspace (used with parameter -r)

Sweetest of X ATP

X Sweetest is a secondary development project for Sweetest according to the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0 agreement.

Open a Cmd or Shell command window and go to the directory, for example: D:\Autotest, enter following command for a quick experience.

x-atp-cli -d
cd x_sweetest_example

If you have used Sweetest before, just remove from sweetest import Autotest and add from x_sweetest import Autotest to switch to X Sweetest. for example:

# from sweetest import Autotest
from x_sweetest import Autotest
import sys

v0.1.6 change

Change content in keywords/ file to resolve issue that the Output Data field does not support [{'id':1},{'id':2}] format Json return value.

        elif v == 'text':
            g.var[k] = response['text']
  '%s: %s' % (k, repr(g.var[k])))
        elif k == 'json':
            sub_str = output.get('json', '{}')
            if sub_str[0] == '[':
                index = sub_str.split(']')[0][1:]
                sub = json2dict(sub_str[len(index)+2:])
                result = check(sub, response['json'][int(index)])
                sub = json2dict(output.get('json', '{}'))
                result = check(sub, response['json'])
            #'Compare json result: %s' % result)
            var = dict(var, **result['var'])
            g.var = dict(g.var, **result['var'])
  'json var: %s' % (repr(result['var'])))

An example of editing the Output Data field of -TestCase.xlsx is as follows:

  • json=[0]{'id':'<id1>'}
  • json=[-1]{'id':'<id2>'}

v0.1.7 change

Change the content in the keywords/ file, add form usage in Test Data to optimize the writing format of the import file function in the -TestCase.xlsx field.

    if kw == 'get':
        r = getattr(http.r, kw)(http.baseurl + url,
                                params=_data['params'], timeout=timeout, **data)
        if _data['params']:
  'PARAMS: {_data["params"]}')

    elif kw == 'post':
        if 'form' in data:
            form_dict = json2dict(data['form'])
                if len(form_dict) == 1:
                    for form_k, form_v in form_dict.items():
                        form_name = form_k.split("/")[-1]
                form_data = MultipartEncoder(fields={'file': (form_name, open(form_k, 'rb'), form_v)})
                form_headers = {'Content-Type': form_data.content_type}
                r = getattr(http.r, kw)(http.baseurl + url, data=form_data, timeout=timeout)
                logger.exception("***form can be only one Key-value***")
            r = getattr(http.r, kw)(http.baseurl + url,
                                    data=_data['data'], json=_data['json'], files=_data['files'], timeout=timeout, **data)'BODY: {r.request.body}')

    elif kw in ('put', 'patch'):
        r = getattr(http.r, kw)(http.baseurl + url,
                                data=_data['data'], timeout=timeout, **data)'BODY: {r.request.body}')

An example of editing the Test Data field of -TestCase.xlsx is as follows:

  • form={r'./files/test.xls': 'application/'}
  • form={r'./files/': 'application/zip}

v0.2.0 change

Changed the contents of the keywords/ file to resolve the following issue: The Expected Result field does not support the format [{'status':1},{'status':2}].

    expected = step['expected']
    expected['status_code'] = expected.get('status_code', None)
    expected['text'] = expected.get('text', None)
    json_str = expected.get('json', '{}')
    if json_str[0] == '[':
        index = json_str.split(']')[0][1:]
        expected['json'] = json2dict(json_str[len(index) + 2:])
        expected['json_index'] = int(index)
        expected['json'] = json2dict(expected.get('json', '{}'))
    expected['cookies'] = json2dict(expected.get('cookies', '{}'))
    expected['headers'] = json2dict(expected.get('headers', '{}'))
    timeout = float(expected.get('timeout', 10))


  'cookies var: %s' % (repr(result['var'])))

    if expected['json']:
        if 'json_index' in expected:
            result = check(expected['json'], response['json'][expected['json_index']])
            result = check(expected['json'], response['json'])'json check result: %s' % result)
        if result['code'] != 0:
            raise Exception(

An example of editing the Expected Result field of -TestCase.xlsx is as follows:

  • json=[0]{'status':0}
  • json=[-1]{'status':1}

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