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Generate command-line interfaces (CLI) by introspecting callables

Project description


a typelib and CLI analyzer/generator

Introspect, compose, marshal and export arbitrary callables into a unified, hierarchical, command-line interface (CLI)


auto-find tools scan signatures and export as CLI node if default is callable, call it to setup arg


FAST! EASY! natural import usage! –help is decent-ish with types/etc! AH!


  1. Install:

    # pip install xacto
  2. Run:

    # ln -s /path/to/bin/xacto do
  3. Create python file at tools/

    __all__ = ["easy", "hard"]
    #__xacto__ = {...}
    def easy(method, speed=16, *tasks):
    #easy.__xacto__ = {...}
    def hard(method, speed=32, *tasks, **params):
    #hard.__xacto__ = {...}
  4. Run:

    # ./do work easy --method=never task1 task2
  5. Run:

    # ./do work hard --speed=64 --method=cheat --code=iddqd taskN


  • true/false quirkyness (default=True means –default flips to False)

  • can’t handle lists (–arg a b c –other …)



  • setuptools

  • symlink to binary to create new

  • testing: set-like functions, import semantics.. everything

  • handle bools better

  • handle lists (–arg a b c –other …)

  • detect output

  • standard output structure

  • prettify to tty

  • lazy load tools

  • lazy import globals (cpython)

  • bytecode cache

  • argument forwarding/chaining

  • integrate with

  • tab-completion

  • auto-reduce common components for aliases

  • bind tools to xacto object (eg. celery/waf)

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