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XML Abstract Markup Language

Project description

an easier way for humans to write xml and html

if a line starts with any xaml component ( ~ @ . # $ ) that line represents an xml/http element:

- an element continues until eol, or an unquoted :
- an element can be continued to the next line(s) using unquoted parens

if a line starts with a “:” it is specifying how the following lines should be interpreted:

- :css -> cascading style sheets that are inserted with a <style> tag

- :python -> python code inserted into a <script type="text/python"> tag
             (must have a python interpreter running in the browser; e.g.
             Brython (

- :javascript -> javascript code inserted into a
                 <script type="text/javascript"> tag

if a line starts with // it is a comment, and will be converted into an xml/html comment

if a line starts with a “-” (hyphen) it is a single line of Python code that will be run to help generate the final output

otherwise the line represents the content of an element

xaml components:

- ~ -> element name
- @ -> name attribute
- . -> class attribute
- # -> id attribute
- $ -> string attribute

  e.g. ~document .bold #doc_1 @AutoBiography $My_Biography ->

  <document class="bold" id="doc_1" name="AutoBiography" string="My Biography"/>

Based on haml [1] but aimed at Python.

Still in its early stages – send email to ethan at stoneleaf dot us if you would like to get involved!

Mercurial repository, wiki, and issue tracker at [2].

[1] [2]

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