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A Python3 LaTeX over SSH/HTTP service

Project description

# XaTeLite 🛰️

LaTeX over SSH and HTTP. Lets you remotely compile LaTeX and immediately see
your compiled pdf all remotely.

## Requirements
You need
- Flask
- pdflatex

## Installation
Just install by
python3 -m pip install flask
python3 -m pip install xatelite

## Usage
The most common use case is ssh-ing into your remote server,
starting xatelite, and opening up a web browser to your xatelite latex server.

Here's an example: after ssh-ing into your server, run
$ xatelite -f ~/math/pset4/pset4.tex -q -p 5010

This starts an HTTP server on port `5010` and uses `-q` to silence Flask's
output. Now if you visit your server on port `5010` through a web browser,
you'll be presented with your pdf. **Refreshing recompiles the LaTeX file**.

If there's a bug in your .tex file (if pdflatex returns a non-zero error code),
a log file will be presented instead. Use the log file to debug.

## Options
The current options can be accessed by `xatelite -h` and are:

usage: [-h] [-f LATEX_FILE] [-p PORT] [-q] [-qq]

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-f LATEX_FILE, --latex_file LATEX_FILE
the latex file to be compiled and served. If this is
not passed in, the single *.tex file in the working
directory will be used.
-p PORT, --port PORT specify which port the webserver will run on
-q, --quiet suppress any Flask output
-qq, --qquiet suppress all output including running message

- [ ] Better debugging options
- [ ] Maybe have a relaxed mode that allows errors if a pdf is generated?
- [ ] Have a config file with specific pdflatex commands.
- [ ] Recommend `xatelite [file] -qq & disown` for non-screen/tmux users.
- [ ] Have a `-k/--kill` option to kill servers that can take PID/filename
- [ ] Have a `-s/--sessions` option to see PID/filename/ports

Project details

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