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Yet another X-CTU replacement

Project description



xbcfg is a yet another X-CTU replacement for Linux machines,
which currently supports XBee Series 2 modules.
The XBeeConfig class wraps AT commands, getting into the bootloader and
flashing the firmware for XBee Series 2 modules.
If you're interested in adding support for other similar modules,
feel free to mail me a unit.


End users should rely on pip::

sudo pip install xbcfg


With the utility you may fetch information about the XBee module::

localhost ~ # xbcfg status
Module status
Association indication: Successfully formed or joined a network
Channel: 0x10 (2.430 GHz)
Supply voltage: 3344 mV (2100-3600mV ok)

Module configuration
Network idenfitier: 0x3332
Node idenfier: XB-0013A2004079C29E
Packetization timeout: 3 sec
Node discover timeout: 4.00 sec
Baud rate: 9600
Encryption enabled: False
Power level: 2.00 dBm
Destination address: 0x0013a200408b1a4a

Module information
Serial number: 0x0013a2004079c29e
Maximum payload: 84 bytes
Hardware version: 0x194a
Module type: XBee
Revision: 74
Firmware version: 0x20a7
Variant: ZigBee compatible
Operation: Coordinator, transparent operation
Version: 10
Revision: 7

Reset configuration::

localhost ~ # xbcfg reset --destination-address 0x000000000000ffff
Restoring defaults ...
Restarting firmware ...

The list of available configuratoin options::

localhost ~ # xbcfg reset -h
usage: xbcfg reset [-h] [--verbosity LEVEL] [--device DEVICE] [--baud BAUD]
[--destination-address ADDRESS] [--channel CHANNEL]
[--node-identifier ID] [--network-identifier 0x3332]
[--enable-encryption] [--encryption-key 0xDEADC0DE]
[--node-discover-timeout SECONDS]

XBee configuration and flashing utility

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--verbosity LEVEL, -v LEVEL
Set verbosity (info, debug)
--device DEVICE, -d DEVICE
Serial port
--baud BAUD, -b BAUD Initial baudrate for serial connection
--destination-address ADDRESS, -da ADDRESS
Destination address (64-bit integer), defaults to
--channel CHANNEL, -ch CHANNEL
Channel (11-26)
--node-identifier ID, -ni ID
Node identifier (20-character ASCII string)
--network-identifier 0x3332, -id 0x3332
Network identifier (16-bit integer)
--enable-encryption, -ee
Enable encryption
--encryption-key 0xDEADC0DE, -psk 0xDEADC0DE
Encryption key (32-bit integer)
--node-discover-timeout SECONDS, -nd SECONDS

And the final cherry on the top - firmware flashing capability::

localhost ~ # xbcfg flash --operation end-device
You're about to flash: ~/.xbee/ebl_files/XB24-ZB_28A7.ebl
Press Enter to continue or Ctrl-C to bail out like a wimp!
Successful flash, restarting firmware


Thanks to everyone who made this utility possible:

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