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Multi-PIE Database Access API for Bob

Project description

Multi-PIE Database

This package contains the access API and descriptions for the Multi-PIE Database. The actual raw data for the database should be downloaded from the original URL. This package only contains the Bob accessor methods to use the DB directly from python, with our certified protocols.

You would normally not install this package unless you are maintaining it. What you would do instead is to tie it in at the package you need to use it. There are a few ways to achieve this:

  1. You can add this package as a requirement at the for your own satellite package or to your Buildout .cfg file, if you prefer it that way. With this method, this package gets automatically downloaded and installed on your working environment, or

  2. You can manually download and install this package using commands like easy_install or pip.

The package is available in two different distribution formats:

  1. You can download it from PyPI, or

  2. You can download it in its source form from its git repository. When you download the version at the git repository, you will need to run a command to recreate the backend SQLite file required for its operation. This means that the database raw files must be installed somewhere in this case. With option a you can run in dummy mode and only download the raw data files for the database once you are happy with your setup.

You can mix and match points 1/2 and a/b above based on your requirements. Here are some examples:

Modify your and download from PyPI

That is the easiest. Edit your in your satellite package and add the following entry in the install_requires section (note: ... means whatever extra stuff you may have in-between, don’t put that on your script):


Proceed normally with your boostrap/buildout steps and you should be all set. That means you can now import the xbob.db.multipie namespace into your scripts.

Modify your buildout.cfg and download from git

You will need to add a dependence to mr.developer to be able to install from our git repositories. Your buildout.cfg file should contain the following lines:

extensions = mr.developer
auto-checkout = *
eggs = bob

xbob.db.multipie = git

Using protocols

For simplicity, by default all provided protocols are enabled. This makes the database query a bit slow. If you don’t want to wait each time you query the database, you can re-create the database on your own. For that, you have to follow the “download from git” recipe. After doing the bootstrap/buildout step (see here for details) in your main directory, you have to go to the (newly created) directory src/xbob.db.multipie and do the same bootstrap/buildout step again. Finally, you can use the Bob API: bin/ multipie create --help to regenerate the SQLite file based on your criteria.

Afterward, only the requested protocols should be available. If not, please file a bug to get help.

Note to the package maintainers

On PyPI, we used to provide the database with all the protocols enabled. This means that the database has to be generated as follows, before the packaging: bin/ multipie create -P -E.

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