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Project description

XE Currency Data Client - Python Inc. is the World's Trusted Currency Authority. This project provides an SDK to interface with our XE Currency Data (XECD) product.

XE Currency Data is a REST API that gives you access to daily or live rates and historic mid-market conversion rates between all of our supported currencies.

You will need an api key and secret to use this sdk. Sign up for a free trial or register for a full account.

This client will work with both python2 and python3.


The preferred way to install this package is pip.

pip install xecd-rates-client

Or get the latest version from git:

pip install git+

This package follows semantic versioning.


>>> from xecd_rates_client import XecdClient
>>> xecd = XecdClient('ACCOUNT_ID', 'API_KEY')

>>> xecd.account_info()
{'id': '11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111', 'organization': 'YOUR_ORG', 'package': 'ENTERPRISE_LIVE_INTERNAL', 'service_start_timestamp': '2018-01-01T00:00:00Z'}

>>> xecd.convert_from("EUR", "CAD", 55)
{'terms': '', 'privacy': '', 'from': 'EUR', 'amount': 55.0, 'timestamp': '2018-08-21T15:31:00Z', 'to': [{'quotecurrency': 'CAD', 'mid': 82.7121317322}]}

>>> xecd.convert_to("RUB", "CAD", 55)
{'terms': '', 'privacy': '', 'to': 'RUB', 'amount': 55.0, 'timestamp': '2018-08-21T15:32:00Z', 'from': [{'quotecurrency': 'CAD', 'mid': 1.0652293852}]}

>>> xecd.historic_rate("2016-12-25", "12:34", "EUR", "CAD", 55)
{'terms': '', 'privacy': '', 'from': 'EUR', 'amount': 55.0, 'timestamp': '2016-12-25T13:00:00Z', 'to': [{'quotecurrency': 'CAD', 'mid': 77.8883951909}]}

>>> xecd.historic_rate_period(55, "EUR", "RUB", "2016-02-28T12:00", "2016-03-03T12:00")
{'terms': '', 'privacy': '', 'from': 'EUR', 'amount': 55.0, 'to': {'RUB': [{'mid': 4590.1222691671, 'timestamp': '2016-02-28T12:00:00Z'}, {'mid': 4545.42879069, 'timestamp': '2016-02-29T12:00:00Z'}, {'mid': 4433.0643335184, 'timestamp': '2016-03-01T12:00:00Z'}, {'mid': 4409.6291908683, 'timestamp': '2016-03-02T12:00:00Z'}, {'mid': 4396.2068371801, 'timestamp': '2016-03-03T12:00:00Z'}]}}

>>> xecd.monthly_average(55, "CAD", "EUR", 2017, 5)
{'terms': '', 'privacy': '', 'from': 'CAD', 'amount': 55.0, 'year': 2017, 'to': {'EUR': [{'monthlyAverage': 36.5976590134, 'month': 5, 'daysInMonth': 31}]}}


Technical Specifications


xecd_rates_client_python is an open-source project. Submit a pull request to contribute!


python3 -m test.UnitTest
python3 -m test.IntegrationTest
python -m test.IntegrationTest

Note: the UnitTest must be ran with python3 due to its use of unittest.mock (which is not present as of python2.7). Despite this, the client itself is usable with both python 2 and 3.

Security Issues

If you discover a security vulnerability within this package, please DO NOT publish it publicly. Instead, contact us at security [at] We will follow up with you as soon as possible.

About Us Inc. is The World's Trusted Currency Authority. Development of this project is led by the Inc. Development Team and supported by the open-source community.

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