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This package exposes part of the xlocale-family of C functions to Python. This is particularly useful to set the locale per-thread.

Normally you use the locale.setlocale function to change the locale for the entire process:

import locale

locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, 'nl_NL')

This may not be desirable for webservers or other applications that use multiple threads. To change the locale for just the current thread you do this:

import xlocale

loc = xlocale.Locale(xlocale.LC_ALL_MASK, 'nl_NL')

Creating a locale object

xlocale.Locale([mask[, locale[, base]])

Create a new locale object. The new locale is created by taken a base locale and changing one or more locale categories. If no base is given the C locale will be used.

mask is a bitmask build from the LC_*_MASK constants. Normally you will want to use LC_ALL_MASK to change the locale completely.

locale is a string with the locale name. If not provided the C locale will be used.

Return a Locale instance for the currently locale.

Locale instances

Switch the locale for the current thread.

Return the name for a locale category. mask is a bitmask of locale categories, and the name for the first configured category will be returned.

This method is not available on all platforms, and will raise an exception on unsupported platforms.

Return information describing how numbers and currency values must be displayed in the current locale. This is an object with the following attributes:
decimal_point The decimal point character, except for currency values, cannot be an empty string.
thousands_sep The separator between groups of digits before the decimal point, except for currency values.
grouping The sizes of the groups of digits, except for currency This is a list of integers representing group size from low order digit groups to high order (right to left). The list may be terminated with 0 or CHAR_MAX. If the list is terminated with 0 the last group size before the 0 is repeated to account for all the digits. If the list isterminated with CHAR_MAX, no more grouping is performed.
int_curr_symbol The standardized international currency symbol.
currency_symbol The local currency symbol.
mon_decimal_point The decimal point character for currency values.
mon_thousands_sep The separator for digit groups in currency values.
mon_grouping Like grouping but for currency values.
positive_sign The character used to denote nonnegative currency values, usually the empty string.
negative_sign The character used to denote negative currency values, usually a minus sign.
int_frac_digits The number of digits after the decimal point in an international-style currency value.
frac_digits The number of digits after the decimal point in the locale style for currency values.
p_cs_precedes True if the currency symbol precedes the currency value for nonnegative values, False if it follows.
p_sep_by_space True if a space is inserted between the currency symbol and the currency value for nonnegative values, False otherwise.
n_cs_precedes Like p_cs_precedes but for negative values.
n_sep_by_space Like p_sep_by_space but for negative values.

The location of the positive_sign with respect to a nonnegative quantity and the currency_symbol, coded as follows:

  • 0 - Parentheses around the entire string.
  • 1 - Before the string.
  • 2 - After the string.
  • 3 - Just before currency_symbol.
  • 4 - Just after currency_symbol.
n_sign_posn Like p_sign_posn but for negative currency values.
int_p_cs_precedes Same as p_cs_precedes, but for internationally monetary quantities. formatted monetary quantities.
int_n_cs_precedes Same as n_cs_precedes, but for internationally monetary quantities. formatted monetary quantities.
int_p_sep_by_space Same as p_sep_by_space, but for internationally formatted monetary quantities.
int_n_sep_by_space Same as n_sep_by_space, but for internationally formatted monetary quantities.
int_p_sign_posn Same as p_sign_posn, but for internationally formatted monetary quantities.
int_n_sign_posn Same as n_sign_posn, but for internationally formatted monetary quantities.


Constant Description
LC_CTYPE_MASK Character type
LC_ALL_MASK Combination of all of the above.


1.3.4 - February 25, 2018

  • More Python 3 compilation fixes.

1.3.3 - February 25, 2018

  • Python 3 has no PyInt.

1.3.2 - February 25, 2018

  • Fix handling of exceptions raised when creating a Locale: they are now correctly seen as being raised in the constructor.

1.3.1 - February 23, 2018

  • Add Python 3 support.
  • Add manylinux support.

1.2 - November 15, 2014

  • No longer return the current locale from Locale.use(). This created unsolvable double free problems.

1.1 - October 10, 2014

  • Fix a memory handling error in Locale.use() which could result in a segfault when using a locale instance multiple times.

1.0 - August 27, 2014

  • First release

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