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data mining tool, to mine data from batch of xml files

Project description

XML/TRXML Selector


This package provides two scripts: mine-xml and mine-trxml.

mine-xml selects tags from xml/mxml files, and save the selected values to file.

mine-trxml selects fields from trxml/mtrxml files, and save the selected values to file.

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Python 3.6+


pip install xml-selector


Use xml selector script

The xml selector supports:
  • one or more tagnames:
  • selector could be one tagname name
  • or comma separated tagnames langskill,compskill,softskills
  • multiple sources:
  • e.g. select from xml dir, xml files, mxml file, or directly from annotation server
#select from xml directory
mine-xml --source tests/xmls/ --selector name --output_file name.tsv
mine-xml --source tests/xmls/ --selector langskill,compskill,softskill --output_file skill.tsv --with_field_name

#select from xml file or mxml file
mine-xml --source tests/sample.mxml --selector experience --output_file experience.tsv

#select directly from annotation server
mine-xml --source localhost:50249 --selector name --output_file name.tsv --query "set Data2018"

Use trxml selector script

The trxml selector supports:
  • one or more selectors:
  • selector can be one field:
  • or comma separated fields:,address.0.address
  • single or multi item:
  • can select field from one item, e.g. experienceitem.3.experience
  • or select field value of all item, e.g. experienceitem.experience (or experienceitem.*.experience)
  • multiple sources:
  • e.g. select from trxml dir, trxml files, or mtrxml file
# one selector, single item
mine-trxml --source tests/trxmls/ --selector --output_file name.tsv

# one selector, multiple item
mine-trxml --source tests/sample.mxml --selector experienceitem.experience --output_file experience.tsv

# more selectors, single item
mine-trxml --source tests/trxmls/ --selector,address.0.address, --output_file personal.tsv

# more selectors, multiple item
mine-trxml --source tests/sample.mxml  --itemgroup experienceitem --fields experience,experiencedate --output_file experience.tsv
mine-trxml --source tests/sample.mxml  --selector experienceitem.*.experience,experienceitem.*.experiencedate --output_file experience.tsv
mine-trxml --source tests/sample.mxml  --selector experienceitem.experience,experienceitem.experiencedate --output_file experience.tsv


To install package and its dependencies, run the following from project root directory:

python install

To work the code and develop the package, run the following from project root directory:

python develop

To run unit tests, execute the following from the project root directory:

python test

selector and output details:

  • mine-xml:

    input: documents, selector(s), output


    • default (parameter with_field_name not set): filename, field_value

    e.g. select all names with selector name

    filename value
    xxxx Chao Li
    • parameter with_field_name set: filename, field_value, field_name

    e.g. select skills with selector compskill,langskill,otherskill

    filename value field
    xxxx java compskill
    xxxx dutch langskill
  • mine-trxml

    • input:
    • documents, selector(s), output,
    • documents, itemgroup, fields, output
    • single selector:
    • single item ( filename field
    xxxx Chao Li
    • multi items (skill.*.skill): filename item_index field
    filename item_index field
    xxxx 0 java
    xxxx 1 dutch
    • multiple selectors
    • single item: filename, field1, field2 …

    each selector points to a field of a specific item with a digital index, e.g. name.0.lastname,name.0.firstname,

    filename name.0.lastname name.0.firstname
    xxxx Li Chao China
    xxxx Lee Richard USA
    • multi items: filename, item_index, field1, field2 …

    each selector points to a field from all items in an itemgroup, e.g. skill.skill,skill.type,

    filename skill skill type date
    xxxx 0 java compskill 2001-2005
    xxxx 1 dutch langskill 2002-

0.0.5 (2019-10-14)

  • bug fix: ElementTree xpath find will return a None if value is an empty string, restore to empty string

0.0.4 (2019-09-11)

  • bug fix: reading always use utf8, and not continue reading if failed on encoding of one document

0.0.3 (2019-08-11)

  • expand module to generate matched phrases per doc

0.0.2 (2019-08-09)

  • added support for CI

0.0.1 (2019-08-09)

  • make two script: mine-xml and mine-trxml

0.0.0 (2019-08-06)

  • Add the first version of the mine_xml and mine_trxml

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