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Xml2rfc generates RFCs and IETF drafts from document source in XML according to the dtd in RFC2629.

Project description


The IETF uses a specific format for the standards and other documents it publishes as RFCs, and for the draft documents which are produced when developing documents for publications. There exists a number of different tools to facilitate the formatting of drafts and RFCs according to the existing rules, and this tool, xml2rfc, is one of them. It takes as input an xml file which contains the text and meta-information about author names etc., and transforms it into suitably formatted output. The input xml file should follow the DTD given in RFC2629 (or it’s inofficial successor).

The current incarnation of xml2rfc provides output in the following formats: Paginated and unpaginated ascii text, html, nroff, and expanded xml. Only the paginated text format is currently (January 2013) accepable as draft submissions to the IETF.


xml2rfc accepts a single XML document as input and outputs to one or more conversion formats.

Basic Usage: xml2rfc SOURCE [options] FORMATS...

Run xml2rfc --help for a full listing of command-line options.


Version 2.15.3 (05 Dec 2018)

This release fixes some issues found when running the html renderer over a corpus of all drafts submitted with xml format over the last 30 days, and an installation issue.

  • Handled utf-8 reloading in under py27 without using six, which might be unavailable before the installation completes.

  • Always convert python lists to comma-separated strings before calling on i18n address validation.

  • Added some guards to prevent operations on None.

Version 2.15.2 (02 Dec 2018)

  • Added a v3 version of the expansion renderer, to handle xi:include processing and prettify the output for v3 xml files.

  • Fixed an issue with blank lines around the text rendering of artwork.

  • Introduced new pretty-print code which provide better indentation consistency between beginning and end tags.

  • Added a html() method to the html writer, for library model use, and did some minor refactoring.

  • Added a missing file.

Version 2.15.1 (01 Dec 2018)

  • Added downcoding of punctuation followed by wrapping of other non-ascii text in <u> for the v2v3 converter.

  • Added BaseV3Writer methods: downcode() and downcode_punctuation(), get_text_tags() and get_inline_tags() (works this out from the schema), and added a list of deprecated elements.

  • Fixed a typo in an error message. Added asciification of smart quotes and other punctuation for the v3 renderers to match that done for v2. Some class refactoring.

  • Changed the workaround for non-ascii metadata in to only be active under py2. Fixes a problem with under python 3.x

  • Reverted [2786], which permitted non-ascii characters inside artwork for the v2 renderers, but broke when trying to write to file without utf-8 encoding. Fixes issue #387.

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