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xmlrpc server with basic authentication and secured with ssl

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xmlprcssl is a Python library that provides secure communication (TLS) beetween clients and servers through xmlrpc protocol. It supports plugable handlers to provide user authentication. For now, it has as an example a ldap based authentication handler.

Server configuration

>>> from xmlrpcssl import SecureAuthenticatedXMLRPCServer
>>> from xmlrpcssl.handlers import LdapVerifyingRequestHandler
>>> from datetime import datetime
>>> keySsl='/tmp/server.key'
>>> crtSsl='/tmp/server.crt'
>>> tcpPort=433
>>> serverIp=''
>>> ldapHost = 'ldapHost' # User must have access granted to this host in ldap
>>> ldapServer = 'ldapServer' # ip or name of ldap server
>>> gidNumber = 111 # User must be in this group in order to be authenticated
>>> isMasterUser = False # True if the user has write permissions in the ldap server
>>> baseUsrLoginDn = 'o=Organization,c=US' # user base DN to perform login in
 # the ldap server
>>> baseSearchDn = 'o=Organization,c=US' # search base DN to perform a search in
 # the ldap server base
>>> RequestHandler = LdapVerifyingRequestHandler # a handler that inherits from
 # BaseRequestHandler and performs user authentication
>>> optArgs={'isMasterUser':isMasterUser,'baseUsrLoginDn':baseUsrLoginDn,
...  'ldapServer':ldapServer,'gidNumber':gidNumber,'baseSearchDn':baseSearchDn,
...  'host':ldapHost,'RequestHandler':RequestHandler}
>>> serverSSL=SecureAuthenticatedXMLRPCServer((serverIp,tcpPort),keySsl,crtSsl,**optArgs)
>>> def test():
...  # toy test function
...  return"%H:%M:%S")
>>> serverSSL.register_function(test)
>>> serverSSL.serve_forever()

Client configuration

>>> from xmlrpclib import ServerProxy
>>> userName = 'ldapUser'
>>> password = 'ldapUserPassword'
>>> tcpPort=433
>>> serverIp=''
>>> clientXml=ServerProxy('https://'+userName+':'+password+'@'+serverIp+':'+str(tcpPort))
>>> response = clientXml.test()
>>> print response


To install xmlrpcssl, simply run:

$ pip install xmlrpcssl

xmlrpcssl is compatible with Python 2.6+


Source Code

Feel free to fork, evaluate and contribute to this project.



GPLv3 licensed.


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