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An XO core utils project.

Project description

# xoc-utils-python

An XO core project in python that provides utils functionalities, including data processing and Kafka client.


## Kafka

### Producer

producer = KProducer('kafka_server_origin', 'service_name')
message = json.dumps({
'hello': 'world'
producer.produce('topic_name', message)
Example [here](examples/

### Consumer

Consumer without retry
consumer = KConsumer('kafka_server_origin', 'group_id', 'service_name', poll_timeout=1, retries=0)

# Add handler for a topic
def printMsg(msg):
print('consuming message: ', msg)
raise Exception('I am Exception.')
consumer.add_handler('topic_name', printMsg)
Example [here](examples/
If you want to use retry feature, you can just set retries to the times you want it to retry, like 3.
Example [here](examples/

## Others

### Singleton
This provide you a way to create a singleton instance.

from xoc_utils import Singleton

class YourClass(metaclass=Singleton):

## Development
You get start from [here](

To debug your package, you don't have to release it, you can just run
python install
then it will be installed on your machine.

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