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Useful xonsh-shell commands/alias functions

Project description


Useful xonsh-shell commands/alias/completer functions


To install use pip:

xpip install xontrib-commands
# or: xpip install -U git+


xontrib load commands

building alias

Use xontrib_commands.argerize:Command to build arger dispatcher for your functions. This will create a nice alias function with auto-completions support.

from xontrib_commands.argerize import Command

def record_stats(pkg_name=".", path=".local/stats.txt"):
    stat = $(scc @(pkg_name))
    echo @($(date) + stat) | tee -a @(path)
  • Directly passing the Arger instances is also supported.
from xontrib_commands.argerize import Arger, Command

arger = Arger(prog="tst", description="App Description goes here")

def create(name: str):
    """Create new test.

    :param name: Name of the test

def remove(*name: str):
    """Remove a test with variadic argument.

    :param name: tests to remove


Now a full CLI is ready

$ record-stats --help                                                                        
usage: xonsh [-h] [-p PKG_NAME] [-a PATH]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PKG_NAME, --pkg-name PKG_NAME
  -a PATH, --path PATH


  • The following commands are available once the xontrib is loaded.

1. reload-mods

usage: reload-mods [-h] name

Reload any python module in the current xonsh session.
Helpful during development.

positional arguments:
  name        Name of the module/package to reload. Giving partial names matches all the nested modules.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit

$ reload-mods xontrib
    - this will reload all modules imported that starts with xontrib name

    Please use
        `import module` or `import module as mdl` patterns
        `from module import name`
        will not reload the name imported

2. report-key-bindings

usage: report-key-bindings [-h]

Show current Prompt-toolkit bindings in a nice table format

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit

3. dev

dev - A command to cd into a directory. (Default action)


   [NAME] - name of the folder to cd into. This searches for names under $PROJECT_PATHS or the ones registered with ``dev add``

  --help [SUBCOMMANDS...] - Display this help and exit

  add           - Register the current folder to dev command.
                  When using this, it will get saved in a file, also that is used during completions.
  ls            - Show currently registered paths
  load-env FILE - Load environment variables from the given file into Xonsh session

Run "dev COMMAND --help" for more information on a command.

4. parallex

usage: parallex [-h] [-s] [-n] [-c] [args ...]

Execute multiple subprocess in parallel

positional arguments:
  args  individual commands need to be quoted and passed as separate arguments

  -h, --help
                        show this help message and exit
  -s, --shell
                        each command should be run with system's commands
  -n, --no-order
                        commands output are interleaved and not ordered
  -c, --hide-cmd
                        do not print the running command

running linters in parallel
    $ parallex "flake8 ." "mypy xonsh"

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