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Powerline for Xonsh shell

Project description

Xontrib Powerline 2

xontrib-powerline fork by santagada/xontrib-powerline.



pip install xontrib-powerline2

And them load it on your .xonshrc

xontrib load powerline2


There are two variables that can be set, $PL_PROMPT for main prompt, $PL_PROMPT for the right prompt and $PL_TOOLBAR for the bottom toolbar. They contain a list of sections that can be used separated by >. The value ! means not to use that prompt.


$PL_RPROMPT = '!'  # for no toolbar
$PL_TOOLBAR = 'who>virtualenv>branch>cwd>full_proc'
xontrib load powerline2

Bulid prompt

If you want to override the settings after xontrib load, so commit changes to your prompt execute pl_build_prompt command.

Check config

To see all available sections type pl_available_sections command.


Default sections

section description
who {user}@{hostname}
virtualenv {env_name}
branch {curr_branch}
cwd $pwd using $pl_colors['cwd', 'git_root', 'git_sub_dir'] and $pl_parts
short_cwd {short_cwd}
full_proc run time of the previous command from history
timing diff from previous command's executed time
time strftime(' %h:%m ')
history len(__xonsh__.history)
rtns '!' if __xonsh__.history.rtns else none
full_rtns rtns[-1] if __xonsh__.history.rtns else none

If you want to know about {} sections, please look xonsh document.

Custom sections

We can add customize origin section by $PL_EXTRA_SEC.

# func return [format string, text color, background color]
$PL_EXTRA_SEC = {"user": lambda: [' I'm {user} ', 'BLACK', '#fd971f']}
xontrib load powerline2

Section's color

We can change section color by $PL_COLORS.

$PL_COLORS is dict. Basically, the value is (text_color, background_color).

key default value description
who ("BLACK", "#a6e22e") -
branch ("#333") background color from $PROMPT_FIELDS['branch_bg_color']
cwd ("WHITE", "#444") -
git_root ("BLACK", "#00adee") used by cwd
git_sub_dir ("WHITE", "#00adee") used by cwd
short_cwd ("WHITE", "#444") -
full_proc ("WHITE", "RED", "#444") There are two types of background depending on the situation
timing ("WHITE", "#444") -
time ("BLACK", "#00adee") -
history ("WHITE", "#333333") -
rtns ("WHITE", "RED") -
full_rtns ("WHITE", "RED", "#444") There are two types of background depending on the situation

Multi line prompt

We can use multi line prompt by \n.


Separate mode

We can change the way of separation mode by $PL_SEP_MODE.

mode separate char
powerline , , , 
round , , , 
down , , , 
up , , , 
flame , , , 
squares , , , 
ruiny , , , 
lego , 

For example

# set $PL_SEP_MODE or using pl_set_mode alias
pl_set_mode round

If you want to use original separeter, you can use $PL_ORG_SEP, $PL_ORG_SEP_THIN, $PL_ORG_RSEP.

$PL_ORG_SEP = '■'
$PL_ORG_RSEP = '■'
xontrib load powerline2


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