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Quake and DarkPlaces rcon client.Suppor such games like Xonotic, Nexuiz and other

Project description

Darkplaces and Quakes rcon [1] protocol and client implementation. Works with such games like Xonotic, Nexuiz, Warsow and other games with Quakes rcon.


  • Support old Quake rcon and new Darkplaces secure rcon protocols.

  • Support both IPv4 and IPv6 connections.

  • Bundled console client.

  • Well tested, test coverage near 100%.

  • Works with python 2.6+, 3.2+.


  • execute pip install xrcon

  • or run pip install -e git+ to install development version from github


Using as library:

from xrcon.client import XRcon
rcon = XRcon('server', 26000, 'password')
rcon.connect() # create socket
    data = rcon.execute('status') # on python3 data would be bytes type

For more info read XRcon docstrings.

Using console client:

$ xrcon -s yourserver:26001 -p password command

If you want use IPv6 address it should be put inside square brackets. For example:

$ xrcon -s [1080:0:0:0:8:800:200C:417A]:26002 -p password status
$ xrcon -s [1080:0:0:0:8:800:200C:417B] -p password status

If port is omitted then by default would be used port 26000. You may also change type of rcon, by default would be used secure time based rcon protocol. This protocol works only in Darkplaces based games. For instance:

$ xrcon -s warsowserver:44400 -p password -t 0 status

0 means old (unsecure) quakes rcon, 1 means secure time base rcon, and 2 is secure challenge based rcon protocol.

You may also create ini configuration file in your home directory .xrcon.ini. For example:

server = someserver:26000
password = secret
type = 1
timeout = 0.9

server = someserver:26001

server = otherserver
password = otherpassword
type = 0
timeout = 1.2

Then if you wants execute command on this servers just do:

$ xrcon status # for DEFAULT server
$ xrcon -n other status # for other server
$ xrcon -n another status # for another server



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