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personal lib

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personal python lib Build Status

legacy python lib see xsthunder/python-lib-old: useful python pieces of code


    • [x] fix three version replicates, in rebuild.cmd, x_lib.__init__,
    • [x] create github repo
    • [x] ex_command能用,默认目录就在jupyter目录下。即外部可以直接使用x_lib.common.ex_command
    • [x] save_and_export_notebook使用了./就是本目录下要求一定有script;;解决方法是通过import而不是ex_command的方式保存文件
    • [x] save_and_export_notebook使用了支持多级目录


  1. Full test with traivis to make sure things are on rail.
  2. list of function see doc

Install and Run

Install via xsthunder-python-lib · PyPI

  1. pip install xsthunder-python-lib or pip install xsthunder-python-lib --user

Use in Code

use for single ipynb file

export the ipynb file

nbe = common.NBExporter()
nbe('./pdb.ipynb', to='./')

use for projcet

clone xsthunder/jupyter_dev_template


Environment Setup

for conda


  1. not all deps are necessary. only ipython are set in the
  2. x_lib.common supports dynamic import. feel free to import.
  3. to import other modules, please install corresponding deps first or you may come across error.
  4. It's recommanded to install all packages listed in


deployment - How can I use setuptools to generate a console_scripts entry point which calls python -m mypackage? - Stack Overflow

Packaging Python Projects — Python Packaging User Guide

notebook2script from course-v3/nbs/dl2 at master · fastai/course-v3

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xsthunder_python_lib-0.0.3.tar.gz (2.6 kB view hashes)

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