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Yet another ASGI toolkit

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yet another ASGI toolkit

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Yaat is an asynchronous web framework/toolkit.


  • Provide decorator routes & class-based views.
  • Template support with Jinja2.
  • Static file serving.
  • HTTP streaming response.
  • Cookie support.
  • WebSocket support.
  • API schema generator and Swagger UI.
  • Background tasks runner.
  • Server startup and shutdown events.
  • CORS support.
  • Test client using httpx.


Python 3.6+


pip3 install yaat

You'll also want to install an ASGI server, such as uvicorn.

pip3 install uvicorn


Writing with Yaat is as simple as...

from yaat import Yaat
from yaat.responses import TextResponse

app = Yaat()

async def index(request):
    return TextResponse("Hello World")

Then run using uvicorn:

uvicorn app:app


I know there are a lot of awesome frameworks out there. So some might ask why did I write my own. Actually, I created this to learn how the web framework works.

I started this after following Jahongir Rahmonov's blog post about writing a web framework. Feel free to check out his WSGI framework Alcazar.

More features will be added in the future. You can check out the project board.

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