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Yet Another Python Configuration

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Yet Another Python Configuration. A simple way to manage configurations for python applications.

Yapconf allows you to easily manage your python application's configuration. It handles everything involving your
application's configuration. Often times exposing your configuration in sensible ways can be difficult. You have to
consider loading order, and lots of boilerplate code to update your configuration correctly. Now what about CLI
support? Migrating old configs to the new config? Yapconf can help you.

Yapconf helps manage your python application's configuration

* JSON/YAML config file support
* Etcd config support
* Kubernetes ConfigMap support
* Argparse integration
* Environment Loading
* Configuration watching
* Migrate old configurations to new configurations
* Generate documentation for your configuration

Quick Start

To install Yapconf, run this command in your terminal:

.. code-block:: console

$ pip install yapconf

Then you can use Yapconf yourself!

**Load your first Config**

.. code-block:: python

from yapconf import YapconfSpec

# First define a specification
my_spec = YapconfSpec({"foo": {"type": "str", "default": "bar"}}, env_prefix='MY_APP_')

# Now add your sources (order does not matter)
my_spec.add_source('environment', 'environment')
my_spec.add_source('config.yaml', 'yaml', filename='/path/to/config.yaml')

# Then load the configuration in whatever order you want!
# load_config will automatically look for the 'foo' value in
# '/path/to/config.yml', then the environment, finally
# falling back to the default if it was not found elsewhere
config = my_spec.load_config('config.yaml', 'environment')


**Add CLI arguments based on your configuration**

.. code-block:: python

import argparse

parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()

# This will add --foo as an argument to your python program

cli_args = vars(parser.parse_args(sys.argv[1:]))

# Now you can load these via load_config:
config = my_spec.load_config(cli_args, 'config.yaml', 'environment')

**Watch your config for changes**

.. code-block:: python

def my_handler(old_config, new_config):
print("TODO: Something interesting goes here.")

my_spec.spawn_watcher('config.yaml', target=my_handler)

**Generate documentation for your config**

.. code-block:: python

# Show me some sweet Markdown documentation

# Or write it to a file

For more detailed information and better walkthroughs, checkout the documentation!

Documentation is available at


This package was created with Cookiecutter_ and the `audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage`_ project template.

.. _Cookiecutter:
.. _`audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage`:


0.3.2 (2018-06-11)
* Fixed an issue with dumping box data to YAML (#78)

0.3.1 (2018-06-07)
* Fixed an issue with environment loading (#74)
* Fixed an issue with watching in-memory dictionaries (#75)

0.3.0 (2018-06-02)
* Fixed an issue where utf-8 migrations would break (#46)
* Added support for etcd (#47)
* Added support for kubernetes (#47)
* Added support for fallbacks for config values (#45)
* Added the ability to generate documentation for your configuration (#63)
* Added config watching capabilities (#36)

0.2.4 (2018-05-21)
* Flattened configs before loading (#54)
* Fixed bug where the ``fq_name`` was not correctly set for complex objects
* Added ``dump_kwargs`` to ``migrate_config`` (#53)
* Better error message when validation fails (#55)
* Made all argparse items optional (#42)
* Added support for ``long_description`` on config items (#44)
* Added support for ``validator`` on config items (#43)

0.2.3 (2018-04-03)
* Fixed Python2 unicode error (#41)

0.2.1 (2018-03-11)
0.2.2 (2018-03-28)
* Fixed Python2 compatibility error (#35)

0.2.1 (2018-03-11)
* Added item to YapconfItemNotFound (#21)
* Removed pytest-runner from setup_requires (#22)

0.2.0 (2018-03-11)

* Added auto kebab-case for CLI arguments (#7)
* Added the flag to apply environment prefixes (#11)
* Added ``choices`` to item specification (#14)
* Added ``alt_env_names`` to item specification (#13)

0.1.1 (2018-02-08)

* Fixed bug where ``None`` was a respected value.

0.1.0 (2018-02-01)

* First release on PyPI.

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