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A semi hard Cornish cheese, also queries PyPI (PyPI client)

Project description

yarg(1) – A semi hard Cornish cheese, also queries PyPI

Yarg is a PyPI client.

>>> import yarg
>>> package = yarg.get("yarg")
Author(name=u'Kura', email=u'')

Full documentation is at <>.

Yarg is released under the MIT license. The source code is on GitHub and issues are also tracked on GitHub.

Release History

0.1.9 (2014-08-11)

Splatting bugs

  • Added decode call on the response object for Python 3 in yarg.newest_packages and yarg.latest_updated_packages.

0.1.8 (2014-08-10)

Splatting bugs

  • Integration issue with Python 3, requests, yarg and JSON. Attempt to decode requests response if decode attribute exists.

0.1.6 & 0.1.7 (2014-08-10)

Splatting bugs

  • Bug in causing installs to fail for sdist (source) releases.

0.1.5 (2014-08-10)

API changes

  • Changed sort order of yarg.package.Package.release_ids to sort based on the upload time of the release ID.

Splatting bugs

  • yarg.package.Package.latest_release_id will now return the latest release ID from the PyPI info source, rather than the final list item in yarg.package.Package.release_ids.

    Addtionally yarg.package.Package.latest_release will do the same as it gets the latest release information from yarg.package.Package.latest_release_id.

0.1.4 (2014-08-09)

API changes

  • New method yarg.newest_packages for querying new packages from the PyPI RSS feed.

  • New method yarg.latest_updated_packages for querying the latest updated packages from the PyPI RSS feed.


  • Additional test coverage

  • Additional documentation coverage

0.1.2 (2014-08-08)

Bug fixes

  • yarg.get will now raise an Exception for errors including 300 and above. Previously only raised for above 300.

  • Fix an issue on Python 3.X and PyPy3 where yarg.exceptions.HTTPError was using a method that was removed in Python 3.

  • Added dictionary key lookups for home_page, bugtrack_url and docs_url. Caused KeyError exceptions if they were not returned by PyPI.


  • More test coverage.

0.1.1 (2014-08-08)

API changes

  • New yarg.package.Package property has_wheel.

  • New yarg.package.Package property has_egg.

  • New yarg.package.Package property has_source.

  • New yarg.package.Package property python_versions.

  • New yarg.package.Package property python_implementations.

  • Added yarg.exceptions.HTTPError to yarg.__init__ for easier access.

  • Added yarg.json2package to yarg.__init__ to expose it for use.

0.1.0 (2014-08-08)

  • Initial release

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