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cheetah, hacked by yelpers

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Cheetah is an open source template engine and code generation tool.

yelp_cheetah is cheetah with everything we don't / shouldn't use removed.



  • Fix build on pypy.


  • Add error message for missing partial template #extends under test.
  • Fix warnings in python3+.
  • Drop support for python 2.
  • Build abi3 wheels.


  • Some optimizations of list comprehensions
  • Lookup speed improvements
  • Remove enable_auto_self setting (always False)
  • Remove useNameMapper setting (always True)
  • Add an auto_self kwarg to getVar and varExists defaulting to True (will default to False and be removed in a future version).


  • enable_auto_self setting now defaults to False
  • Lookup involving partial templates calling partial templates is now optimized.


  • Add a parsing hook for cheetah variables


  • $foo()bar no longer compiles to
  • gettext parsing was removed -- it never worked properly. To get gettext scannable compiled output, create a compiler, augment ._global_vars with the gettext functions.
  • $() and $[] are now syntax errors -- use ${} instead
  • ${ foo } is now a syntax error -- placeholders cannot start with whitespace
  • Escaped newlines in expressions are preserved
  • Bug with comments in a multi-line expression fixed
  • Fix several parsing issues around expressions
  • Fix several parsing issues around #def


  • Add an enable_auto_self setting (defaulted to True) which (when enabled) means $foo can mean either or NS['foo'] (the behaviour prior to this version). In future versions, this will default to False and will eventually be eliminated.


  • Introduce unused functions for lookup. These will be used for backwards / forwards compatibility in the next release.


  • Remove #call directive (port to #with instead)


  • Use io.StringIO as a replacement for DummyTransaction
  • Drop python2.6 support


  • Require six>=1.4.0 (for six.PY2)


  • Add setuptools extension to build templates. To use add setup_requires=['yelp-cheetah'] and yelp_cheetah={'directories': [...]} to automatically build templates in a package on installation.


  • Remove #set and #silent (replaced by #py)


  • Fix regression introduced in 0.11.0: $self.getVar('contains_underscore')


  • Fix regression introduced in 0.11.0: [$x for x in ...]


  • Remove instrumentation added in 0.10.0
  • Remove useAutocalling setting (always False)
  • Remove useDottedNotation setting (always False)
  • Remove mainMethodName setting (always respond)
  • Remove mainMethodNameForSubclasses setting (always writeBody)
  • Remove valueForName (now unused)
  • Implement ContextManagerPartialTemplateTestCase
  • Template now only takes a single argument namespace instead of searchList
  • Support pypy for real
  • Template.getVar / Template.varExists no longer support dots


  • Added instrumentation to migrate away from autocall / autokey


  • Tests pass under pypy (still slow)
  • "Blinged" kwargs no longer supported: $foo($bar='baz') => $foo(bar='baz')


  • #filter directive is gone. Use self.set_filter(filter_fn)
  • Template's signature is now Template(search_list, filter_fn)
  • All templates now have from __future__ import absolute_import


  • removed macro support: use #with instead.
  • much-improved support for context managers.
  • Raise on unknown settings
  • Remove settings: cheetahVarStartToken, commentStartToken, directiveStartToken, directiveEndToken
  • Fix indexing a return value #23
  • Add #py directive. This will replace #silent and #set in a future version
  • Remove <% ... %>
  • Optimize lookup of builtins, globals, and locals when detected.


  • Cheetah classes now invariantly have YelpCheetahTemplate as the classname
  • Variable lookup is now locals(), globals(), builtins, self, searchList
  • #extends no longer supports #extends and should instead be #extends foo


  • **KWS is no longer added to every template method definition


  • Scan gettext variables in attributes $translator.gettext(...)
  • Scan more types of gettext variables (gettext, pgettext, npgettext).
  • Remove some runtime overhead of gettext variables


  • Remove dollarsigns on for lvalues
  • Remove #set global directive
  • Remove future_unicode_literals setting
  • Disallow dollarsigns in getVar / varExists


  • Do not create in __pycache__ directories


  • Invariantly create in subdirectories


  • dep argparse


  • cheetah-compile takes directories


  • Fix partial template testing infrastructure


  • Disallow dollarsigns on #def / #block name
  • Disallow dollarsigns in function signatures
  • Require argspec for #def
  • Requres no argspec for #block
  • Require no dollarsign in #set lvalue
  • Disallow dollarsigns in macro arguments
  • Disallow dollarsigns in #attr lvalue
  • Forbid @classmethod / @staticmethod
  • Remove #set module directive
  • Add testing infrastructure for partial template testing


  • Add compile_directories


  • Add #with directive
  • 100% test coverage


  • Make filters simple functions instead of classes
  • Add and make default markupsafe filter


  • Add Cheetah.partial_template, a system for importable template functions.


  • Rename Cheetah.Compiler and Cheetah.Parser to Cheetah.legacy_compiler and Cheetah.legacy_parser
  • Remove #encoding directive, cheetah source is now invariantly UTF-8


  • Raise on unknown macros
  • Remove #echo directive
  • Remove #* ... *# multiline comment syntax
  • Remove version checking code
  • Remove #arg directive
  • Remove #closure directive
  • Make compilation output deterministic
  • Remove <%=...%>
  • Remove ability to specify argspecs in #implements
  • Remove multiple inheritance from #extends
  • Remove #compiler directive
  • Remove global imports: (sys, os, os.path, builtin, getmtime, exists, types)
  • Default useDottedNotation to false
  • Remove allowNestedDefScopes setting
  • Remove useSearchList setting
  • Remove useKWsForPassingTrans setting
  • Remove alwaysFilterNone setting
  • Remove cheetah ternary #if ... then ... else ... directive
  • Remove namespace argument from Template.__init__
  • Support Python 3
  • Expose a global __YELP_CHEETAH__ = True in compiled source
  • Remove autoImportForExtends setting (always True)
  • Disable #extends of an imported name
  • Add setting future_unicode_literals for toggling unicode_literals in compiled source


  • Removed Cheetah Analyzer
  • Removed textmate highlight support
  • Remove logging of placeholders
  • Remove Django support
  • Make useAutoCalling default to False
  • Remove #cache directive
  • Remove Mondo
  • Remove RecursiveNull
  • Remove SiteHierarchy
  • Remove turbocheetah
  • Remove Servlet
  • Remove silent placeholders ($!placeholder)
  • Remove #errorCatcher directive
  • Remove WebWare support
  • Remove FileUtils
  • Remove hasName
  • Remove Indenter
  • Remove #indent directive
  • Remove cheetah eval c'$var' syntax
  • Remove import hook, live compiling, compilation cache
  • Remove CheetahWrapper
  • Remove #I18n macro
  • Improve cmdline interface
  • Remove several magical imports (time, currentTime, etc.)
  • Remove #unicode directive
  • Remove #breakpoint directive
  • Remove #unless directive
  • Remove #repeat directive
  • Remove #capture directive
  • Improve compiling interface. There are now three functions: (compile_source, compile_file, compile_to_class)
  • Remove #defmacro directive
  • Remove #include directive
  • Remove getFileContents
  • Remove preprocessors
  • Remove addSrcTimeToOutput setting
  • Remove disabledDirectives setting
  • Remove pre / post ParseDirective hooks
  • Remove placeholder hooks
  • Remove expression hooks
  • Remove I18NFunctionName
  • Remove EmptySingleLineMethods setting
  • Remove allowWhitespaceAfterDirectiveStartToken
  • Remove templateMetaclass setting
  • Require unicode for compiling source
  • Remove #transform directive
  • Remove Websafe, Markdown, CodeHighlight, Maxlen, Strip filters
  • Remove aliases for BaseFilter
  • Remove namespaces argument for Template constructor
  • Remove #stop directive
  • Remove useFilters setting (always True)
  • Remove allowPlaceholderFilterArgs setting
  • Remove encoding setting
  • Remove EOLSlurp feature
  • Remove #raw directive
  • Remove C implementation of filters
  • Remove outputMethodsBeforeAttributes setting
  • Remove defDocStrMsg setting
  • Remove handlerForExtendsDirective setting
  • Remove __str__ from all objects
  • Remove support for pypy (Delete python implementation of NameMapper)
  • Remove useStackFrames setting
  • Remove #importsettings directive
  • Remove #compiler-settings python directive
  • Remove safeConvert
  • Remove * imports
  • Raise on searchlist collisions
  • Fix bug with macros causing out-of-bounds when near end of source


  • Correct dependencies


  • Before hacking

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